Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up is often said between parting riders. What does it mean? It's a reminder that in order for a rider to be careful, they need to have the rubber (tires) on the ground in order to be safe.Tires come in all different varieties—race, street, off road. These types of tires also come along with a multitude of options depending on surface type, heat, motorcycle style etc. We previously reviewed the Bridgestone Battle Wing tires, and also had the opportunity to also check out the Trail Wing offering.

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Do they fly or fall? We Review the Bridgestone Trail Wings Tires
Dry Weather

The good is that the Trail Wing (TW302) tires are large knobby tread tires with good grip from edge to edge. The bad is that those edges prevent aggressive lean angles on the street; therefore, they are definitive limiters to a fun time. There is some low speed roughness and movement to the tread, but that's normal for a tire with an open lug pattern like these.

The Trail Wings also have good acceleration grip, braking performance that stops predictably and safely, and handles well through the corners. These are examples of choices you'd need to make as a tire buyer—and, at times, there are certain compromises needed to be made in order to obtain off road performance.

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Wet Weather

Wet weather performance is outstanding. Because you're already taking it easier on pavement, there is little loss of performance when compared to the dry. Those open lugs move water effortlessly, and other than creating the largest roost on this side of a Jet Ski, you will have no issues crossing water hazards and keeping the bike upright in the wet.

As always, performance drops off as conditions deteriorate, but with a limited lean angle anyway, you don't miss it like you would on a super sport tire. The rubber compound is soft enough it heats up nicely and maintains traction easily in all but the very worst conditions. They do throw a lot of water on the rider, so having good water proof gear is a must, especially boots.


There are a couple thousand miles on these and I'm happy to report they are wearing well. It has even tread wear with no chunking or tearing of the tread, which can be a common problem when running a 50/50 tire on the street.

Do they fly or fall? We Review the Bridgestone Trail Wings Tires

Off Road

The Trail Wings are a 50/50 tire. This means, in theory, they are good for both environments. In truth, however, they're a pretty heavy compromise for a street tire, but make up for it in the dirt. Ride it as hard as you like and they simply grip when needed and slip when you want it to. Those large lug voids allow the tire to clean itself in sloppy wet muck, and while they throw gravel around, they dig in and grab for traction really well. They even perform admirably well in wet grass! Although the spousal unit did not appreciate the ability to create a dirt rooster tail very much.

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Buy or Sell?

These are a solid buy for any bike with both on and off-road needs. They are built to withstand the heavier weight of road bikes like your typical ADV bike, but also smaller enduros too (like a KTM).

The Trail Wing rear tire ranges in the low $120 bracket .

The Trail Wing front tire is around $80.

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