If you haven't heard about Maeving, that's understandable, as it's an English motorcycle manufacturer, and the company is just seven years old.

But that's likely to change very soon, as the brand just launched its latest model, the RM1S, on US soil, starting in California.

This isn't any ol' bike, though, as it's quickly becoming the best-selling electric motorcycle in the UK. And it's not hard to see why.

For starters, the Maeving RM1S is a thing of beauty, at least in my opinion. It takes classic styling cues from the 1920s and cafe racer era and contrasts them against modern touches, like the LED lights and carbon fiber mudguards. Leaving us with one of the best-looking retro modern electric motorcycles you'll find anywhere. But there's more to this bike than it's head-turning capability.

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of specs, know that the 2024 Maeving RM1S is going to cost $8,995 when it hits US shores. And if you know anything about the price of electric bikes, you know that's hard to beat, with models like the LiveWire S2 Mulholland starting at $15,999

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The RM1S has a maximum range of 80 miles and a top speed of 70 mph, so it's somewhat down on speed and range compared to other electric motorcycles, but so is its price. These figures, however, make it a perfect machine for those who plan on riding in the city, especially with a monstrous 184 lb-ft of torque on tap.

Its rear hub-mounted motor provides 7.0 kW of continuous power and 10.5 kW of peak power. And this is plenty for the city streets when you consider that the bike only weighs 293 lbs. But it isn't just its power and range that make it clear the RM1S is meant for urban dwellers, and that's made obvious by the way it charges.

Now, you can change this model by plugging it into an electrical outlet, as you would most electric motorcycles, but you can also remove the twin 2.73 kWh batteries and charge them anywhere you please. So if living in an apartment building was stopping you from getting an electric motorcycle before, this might be the answer. It takes just three hours to charge the batteries from 20-100%, but it's worth noting that each unit weighs 33 lbs.

Maeving co-founder, Seb Inglis-Jones said, "We’re so excited to offer North American riders the chance to experience and own a zero-emissions motorcycle that blends timeless British design with the benefits of modern electric performance and usability... We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that everything that has made our first model, the RM1, so popular with our customers is carried over to the new RM1S. This new Maeving provides greater performance so it can be used in a much wider variety of use cases and offers the convenience of charging the batteries both on and off the bike.”

The RM1, which is the first model from the English brand, has been well-reviewed and seems to be well made. But that's what you'd expect when you consider that these bikes are designed by a team of former Triumph engineers. 

Although it's initially only for sale in California, Maeving says more states are soon to follow. What do you think? Would you consider replacing your urban commuter with this? I'd certainly think about it if the ride was good enough.

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