I've done my fair share of iron-butt road trips. You know, those long stretches of pavement pounding where your only respite from being in the saddle is standing up on the pegs, stretching your legs rearward, or stopping for gas and snacks.

Well, say goodbye to one of those options, as BMW has gone mad with the new 2025 R 1300 GS Adventure. Not only is it meant to be one of the most comfortable adventure motorcycles on the planet, but the Bavarians have thrown a staggeringly large fuel tank at the motorcycle. How big you ask? It's 7.9-gallons. 

Stares at screen in disbelief.

I know, I blinked several times upon reading that and had two people fact-check that stat for me. And based on the fuel consumption provided by BMW—i.e. 48 mpg—and some simple math, that puts the R 1300 GS Adventure's topped-up range at a staggering 379.2 miles. That's a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and nearly back to Los Angeles on a single tank. 

Folks, BMW just changed the long-range game. 

2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure
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You can read all about the new 2025 R 1300 GS Adventure here, but after reading about the bike's fuel tank, I knew we had to talk about it separately. It just blows the competition away. Immediately, after pulling out the calculator and seeing that 380-mile figure, I started listlessly thinking about all the rides I could theoretically do on a single tank of fuel. 

Los Angeles to Monterey? Yep. Rome to Milan? Oh yeah. Berlin to Paris? Apart from the obvious historical issues that lay there, no. That'd be two tanks of gas and probably a trip to the Hague. But even so, that trip would require so many more fuel stops on most other motorcycles.

What I'm really getting at is this motorcycle and its ludicrously large fuel capacity will open far more doors than most other adventure bikes. You could theoretically do more on trips that involve off-roading, i.e. Backcountry Discovery Routes or doing your own 'Long Way Round,' as you'll have to fill up fewer times, bring less fuel, or scramble to find a gas station along the way. It'll let you see more, do more, and ride more. 

Even if your ass will necessitate a stop or two along the way. 

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