What do The Long Way Round, The Long Way Up, and The Long Way Down all have in common? Well, they're all fantastic examples of motorcycle adventure documentaries, but they spend little to no time in the US.

These are wonderful docs to watch if you need motivation to plan that one big aspirational motorcycle trip, but there's a new YouTube series for riders who want something more attainable and closer to home—Always Something.

Always Something is intended to be a raw and real series, created by Everything Empire and partnered with Triumph Motorcycles. It stars Ernie Vigil and Nick Borcha, who are usually known for their high-octane two-wheeled antics in stunt shows, film stunt riding, and high-end production motorcycle showcase videos. 

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But Always Something takes the lads out of their natural habitats, puts them on various Triumph bikes, and follows them on an unscripted journey through all 50 states without a fixed plan. Vigil and Borcha's goal is to highlight the diversity of the US's landscapes, local cultures, and hidden gems with nothing more than their wits and the generosity of local riders.

There are no camera crews and no fixed itinerary. It's just your hosts on a genuine adventure, and in this age of endless information and GPS units that'll show you the fun way from A to B, there's something nostalgic about hitting the road and seeing what happens.

Ernie Vigil, Co-Founder of Everything Empire, had this to say about the series,

We wanted to create something truly different... With "Always Something," we're not only showcasing bikes or stunts. We're diving into the heart of what it means to ride, exploring every corner of the country, and sharing those experiences with our audience. It's about the journey, the people we meet, and the incredible places we discover along the way.

What I love about the method behind this series is that you see first-hand what the guys think about their surroundings, whether it's riding routes, local eateries, events, or scenery. Always Something creates a roadmap for your next national adventure, as every video description will include the places that Vigil and Borcha visited.

The first four episodes of Always Something are on the Everything Empire YouTube channel already, and there are still two more to come in the first season.

Check them out and let us know where you'd tell Vigil and Borcha to visit in the next series.

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