I own a Triumph, it's my daily rider and makes me feel special when I'm on it, really special—a feeling I've never had with any other bike I've owned. It looks beautiful, rides even better, and is very well put together.

But I ride a Street Triple 765 R, meaning when a Speed Triple 1200 RR goes past, I'm liable to get whiplash. But Triumph has just announced a limited edition speed triple 1200 RR in collaboration with Breitling, and it's liable to break my neck.

Only 270 of these breathtaking bikes will be made, and owners will have the option to tack an exclusive Breitling watch onto the bill.


The top-of-the-range Limited Edition Speed Triple 1200 RR Breitling is dripping in premium parts. Each unit is individually numbered with an inscription on the yoke and features a bespoke paint scheme with gold hand-painted detailing, a leather seat with French stitching, an Akrapovič exhaust, and carbon fiber parts. But what makes this model linked so closely to Breitling are the finer details.


Look more closely, and you'll see Breitling's logo laser-etched on the machined rear wheel and a distinct gold Bretling badge on the tank. The reminder that you're on something special hits again when you turn the ignition on and see a custom Breitling start screen. 

No one's going to mistake this bike for a standard Speed Triple RR. And nor should they, with prices starting at $25,995. Units should be rolling into dealerships this month. 

As beautifully distinct as this Speed Triple RR is, the Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Triumph watch is arguably even more intriguing. But it's important to note that the watch doesn't come with the motorcycle. You have the opportunity to buy a made-to-order unit if you purchase the Speed Triple, so long as you have $10,900 lying around.


The watch is made from a mixture of titanium and 18k red gold. It uses an anthracite dial, which is intended to echo the dark shades on the Speed Tripple RR, while the golden accents are a hat tip to the Öhlins front forks.

The Chronomat B01 42 Triumph also features a carbon dial, a brown alligator strap, and a caseback engraved with the owner's motorcycle's unique number. 

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Triumph CEO, Nick Bloor, said, "Teaming up with Breitling, we've united two worlds, delivering our shared passions for precision, speed, and impeccable style", and it's hard to argue this isn't a near-flawless way to combine the worlds of Triumph and Breitling.

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, had this to say about the collaboration,

The Chronomat and the Speed Triple 1200 RR exemplify our joint devotion to the highest standards of design and performance... With Triumph, we share a rugged spirit that combines artistry with adventure.

Triumph and Breitling, if you're listening and need a journalist to do a long-term review of one or both of these units, I'm willing to do it. Anyone interested in being one of the lucky 270 owners should contact your local Triumph dealer.

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