I've been nipping at the heels of RideApart's Executive Editor, Jonathon Klein, to send me to a stunt-riding school. Just so y'all can have cooler pictures in my reviews. It really is a selfless act. I'd happily settle for a wheelie school.

I mean, I can do small wheelies or bigger, longer ones if I have the kind of electronics found on Yamaha's latest MT-09. But as an editor at a powersports website, of course, I want to be able to pop it up and hold it for as long as I want, whenever I want. So I can only imagine how Ryan and Ken from Cboys TV, a crew renowned for their one-wheel antics, feel about not being able to wheelie

Anyone who's been watching the Cboys for a while will remember that Ben and CJ were the go-to riders for wheelies, but since Evan and Micah got involved, the lads' wheelie game has been on another level. It seems like Evan can wheelie just about anything, he even wheelied this sandrail

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But the fact that we see Evan wheelieing everything from mobility scooters to coolers, yes coolers, only highlights the fact that Ken can barely ride a dirt bike and Ryan can't wheelie one. So the guys made a DIY wheelie machine.

I couldn't believe how professional the rig looked but more than that, I was gobsmacked by the results. By the end, Ryan was wheelieing like someone who'd been doing it for years, and Ken was getting it up, which is an infinite improvement over the last time he rode—watch the video and you'll see why.

Everything was going almost too well for a Cboys video, which meant something was soon to go wrong. And that's when Ken did the one thing he was explicitly, repeatedly told not to do and let go of the bike. A scary moment ensued and put an end to his wheelie training.

The lads said that they got scammed three times while trying to buy a wheelie machine, so just made their own. And asked if they were to make one, anyone buy it. Guys if you're reading this, it's a resounding "yes" from me!

Would anyone else buy a Cboys TV wheelie machine?

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