If there's one thing that people love, it's an underdog story. 

Just behind that specific universal love, though, there's the love of a strong redemption arc. That's what we have for you today.

See, this isn't quite an underdog story, because the guys at Brick House Builds have previously demonstrated that they know their way around a 1970s Honda or two. And they've got the tools, and they've even got a nice, new shop to work in.

Back in May, a place called Archway International Salvage announced that it would be closing forever. So BJ and Seth from BHB decided to set themselves a challenge: Go there on the last day it was open, pick out two junker bikes, then get them rideable in 48 hours so they could ride from their home base in Missouri to Quincy, Illinois for ice cream. (Quincy is just across the river from Missouri, right at the southern tip of the state.)

If you haven't already watched that video, you might want to click through to see the process. But if you'd rather just watch this one, you should know that while they did get both bikes successfully running, they only ended up riding about 40 miles. Still a highly entertaining challenge, but of course they wanted another crack at the apple.

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This time, they were determined that they would get it locked down. After some more wrenching, including some extremely precise sledgehammer application, they got both bikes in slightly more roadworthy shape than they were in after that first stint.

Should you be worried that Seth had a giant jug of oil bungeed to his rear rack? Nah.

Should you be worried that they ended up having to stop every 25 miles or so to pour in about half a quart of oil because the bike was drinking it like a fish? Nah.

As it turns out, the real worry wasn't the oil consumption. It was the battery and charging system not playing nicely on Seth's bike that went on to cause an issue late in the video.

Did they actually end up getting to their destination across state lines to get to the ice cream, though? 

I'll leave that to you to find out. Happy viewing.

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