If you aren't already aware, The Bikeriders launches in theaters today, June 21st. And it looks savage. In fact, I've spent my morning trying to find a showing near me that isn't sold out tonight, but I have had no luck with that yet. 

Another thing that drops today and looks equally if not more savage is the Vandals Jacket, which is an exclusive leather jacket that Schott NYC made on behalf of The Bikeriders. The jacket was created in partnership with costume designer, Erin Benach.

And it seems like the most logical partnership for a movie ever, as Benach used many of Schott NYC's modern and vintage style jackets on characters in the movie. 


“From the moment I started researching for the film, Schott was front and center. It's exciting when an American brand that has been around since the teens is still in existence and even more exciting when the quality is still there. Motorcycle enthusiasts know their history- they know the brands that were legitimate and they know when you’ve done it right," said Erin Benach, Costume Designer for The Bikeriders.

The jacket follows the same style as the one worn by the Vandels club leader, Johnny, who's played by Tom Hardy and exudes the 50's motorcycle outlaw image that's hard to find anywhere else. 

You'll find a Conmar chain pull zippers and a pebbled cowhide construction, making it soft yet heavy. Schott NYC has stayed true to the 50s period by cropping the length to 24 inches and using an iridescent burgundy lining. On the exterior, there's a D-pocket configuration that mirrors the first Perfecto motorcycle jacket designed by Irving Schott in 1928. But, arguably, the most interesting features are on the back.

There's a hidden belt channel at the rear, which is a first from the company and enables the rider to add their input regarding how the jacket fits. You'll also notice side pleats and a western-inspired "V" top yoke. It seems like the closer you look at this jacket, the more impressive it gets.

Jason Schott, Chief Operating Officer and 4th generation Schott family member, had this to say, “Four generations of my family have been making motorcycle jackets by hand in the USA since the 1920s. We’ve been in some of the most iconic American biker films and are honored to be featured in The Bikeriders. Using inspiration from our archives and our turn-of-the-century machines, we created a timeless classic that feels true to the period of the 1960s but yet modern to be worn today.”

What does it do for you? Leave a comment to let us know if you'd wear The Vandals jacket.

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