If you've ever wondered where all the mad scientists have gone, I have news for you: They aren't gone, they just got action cameras and set up shop on YouTube. Take Colin Furze, the UK madman who brought you this memorable moto pizza oven in 2023

Let the man cook, I say.  

Now, if you're a YouTuber, your goal is to get people to watch your videos. Lots of folks who do this stick to one genre or niche or another, but not Furze, unless you consider his extremely broad genre to be "insane inventions and vehicles." He doesn't only do bikes, or only do cars, or only do anything at all (other than handily fabricate a lot of things in-house). 

From triple baths to trebuchets (yes, he's really made both), Furze seemingly loves nothing more than a challenge. More than likely, one reason he's so entertaining to watch is that he's incredibly busy trying to keep himself entertained, and he just thought to take his viewers along for the ride.

Case in point (if you're Furze): What if you built a drift trike (or even several drift trikes), and then you started to wonder what would happen if you took a drift trike on a Wall of Death?

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It's no longer the golden age of traveling sideshows here in 2024 (we have YouTube for that, TBH). So Walls of Death aren't exactly easy to come by. That's not really a problem if you're a serial project constructor, but it does mean you'll have at least a little extra work to do before you can see your dream complete.

In usual Furze fashion, though, he just set to work and methodically built the thing in his warehouse. It's a little shorter in height than a lot of Walls of Death typically are, simply because he had a built-in height constraint with the building he was using. But it was tall enough to do the job, and that's really what matters.

At one point, Furze injured his foot in the pursuit of finding the right way to get the drift trike operational on the WoD, but it didn't really do much to deter him (even though it probably swelled up right after he was done shooting the video). That's what ice is for, right? 

If you, too, have ever wondered to yourself what would happen if some total madman took a drift trike and piloted around a Wall of Death, take some time, watch this video, and find out.

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