If there are two things that most riders love, motorcycles are of course one of them—and food is probably the other. Besides the simple fact that good food is a good mood, riding is an activity that absolutely helps to build a healthy appetite. Then, of course, there’s the fact that in many places, food deliveries are frequently accomplished on motorbikes. 

Bikes and food may be two great tastes that taste great together, but what if you wanted to take the next logical step, and cook fresh food while on your bike? Say, a nice pizza? If that idea sounds so head-slappingly brilliant that you can’t believe someone hasn’t done it before, then you should probably watch this Colin Furze video. 

For those unfamiliar, Furze is a mad UK shed inventor with a YouTube channel—and arguably, content like his is probably why YouTube exists in the first place. His focus is bonkers inventions, occasional world records, and all kinds of DIY shenanigans—and all the while, he’s pretty skilled at bringing his visions into reality. In September 2023, Furze shared his latest project with the world: A Suzuki GS400 delivery pizza oven that he and his subscribers dubbed “Pizza Dough-Moto.” 

After all, he reasons, getting a hot, fresh pizza delivered directly to you is cool, but is it as fresh as it could be? If the pizza oven was mounted on the delivery bike, and your pizza could be cooked while en route to the delivery address, it should be the freshest pie possible. Although plenty of kitchen goods makers now offer home pizza oven solutions, none of them are really suitable for mounting on your motorcycle. So of course, Furze had to try his hand at making one from scratch. 

While both the inventor and the audience will no doubt have questions about Furze's pizza-making abilities after watching this video, thankfully, he’s much better at working with metal than with pizza dough. He takes us through the process of designing the oven, hydroforming both an inner and outer skin in his garage and back garden, and then assembling the entire thing. By the time he’s finished, he has a little round metal pizza oven that’s totally functional, and is ready to mount on the back of an ATV, motorbike, or other piece of powersports equipment. 

The next part is modifying the GS400 to accept the oven, since there’s not enough room for both it and a counter for pizza assembly and disassembly on the stock bike. Furze reveals that since he’s been riding the GS400 just as a standard bike, he’s grown rather attached. As a result, he can’t bear to cut it up like he’d originally planned. 

So instead, he creates an elongated frame made of steel tubing to simply stretch it out a bit. He’s had some experience in lengthening a motorbike in the past, so he took what he’d learned and applied those lessons to his build here. That also meant elongating the drive chain by quite a lot, so he ended up machining some bespoke chain tensioners to help keep it from flopping around. It’s never going to win any awards for stealth with that noise, but the end result seems to work as intended. 

The end result is roadworthy, but is it snackworthy? It turns out that just like food off the bike, it all depends on who’s doing the cooking. Both the bike and the pizza oven work quite well, though—and in the end, that’s really what Furze was shooting for. 

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