Back at the beginning of January, 2021, we introduced you to Uncle George and his IZH Planeta 3. Now, you and I may not live in a snowy Latvian forest, and most of us probably don’t ride 40-plus-year-old Soviet bikes. Still, our wise uncle has much to teach us. If you ever wanted to learn how to catch, cook, and deliver fresh fish to your loved ones while also using your bike as much as possible, you’ll want to see this. 

Please keep in mind that if you take your vintage two-stroke out to play in the snow, it’s probably a given that you’re going to fall down more than once. Then again, isn’t that half the fun of doing anything in the snow? I mean, just make sure you’re wearing plenty of warm clothes. Waterproof gloves and boots can also help. Laugh and enjoy it when you take a tumble, brush yourself off, pick up your bike, and just keep going. Oh, and don’t forget to take the longest, most fun route to get wherever you’re going, or what is even the point? 

Anyway, important question time. Can you catch a fish with your bare hands? To be really honest with you, I’ve never tried. Still, it’s probably less about how you catch it than the fact that you’ve caught it in the first place. Once you’ve successfully caught your next meal, you still have hungry mouths waiting at home. So, what’s the best way to get it back there, cook, and serve it? 

If you’re Uncle George, the answer is simple: Use your bike! Naturally, you’ll need to have some aluminum foil handily tucked away in one of the many pockets of your winter jacket. Wrap up that fish, strap it to your engine, and the fish will practically cook itself! What’s better than smoked fish? Two-smoked fish! 

I’m joking, of course. Fish that tastes and smells like that plume of smoke you’re currently trailing behind you is probably not going to win you any Michelin stars. For best results, you should probably opt for a bike of the non-two-stroke variety if you’re going to attempt this type of multi-tasking. Hope you find this sufficient moto-vation for your next dinner prep excursion! 

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