It was a long time coming, but Harley finally introduced the Pan America on February 22, 2021. The Motor Company revealed the adventure bike’s full-specs and price tiers nearly three years after it first announced the platform. Harley being Harley, they marked the occasion with a highly-polished launch video. While the footage gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Pan America’s development, it also teases the upcoming 1250 Custom cruiser.

We get our best glimpses of the Revolution Max-powered bobber near the end of the 25-minute video. As CEO Jochen Zeitz and VP of Styling & Design Brad Richards huddle around a campfire and wax poetic about the Pan America, the conversation drifts into future plans for the brand.

“We have great plans to expand on Pan Am,” admitted Zeitz. “This is just the launch into a whole new dimension for the company.”

Over the audio, the editors cut in detail shots of the impending cruiser. The select angles reveal specific details and new developments that hint at the platform’s road-readiness.

Harley-Davidson 1250 Custom Teaser - Side, Right
Harley-Davidson 1250 Custom Concept

From the side shot, we can see that the high-mounted exhaust gains additional heat protection. Compared to the original concept bike, rubberized footpegs, a new brake pedal, Brembo-branded rear brake caliper, and a larger radiator suits the street, not just the showroom. The engine also gains the 1250 branding currently found on the Pan America.

Harley-Davidson 1250 Custom Teaser - Rear, Right

From the cockpit, we get a sneak peek at the round digital gauge. My, what cluttered switchgears the 1250 Custom has, but the ample buttons could suggest new levels of technology for Harley’s entry-level platform. The circular motif carries over to the bar end mirrors that replace the underslung traditional teardrop mirrors found on the 1250 Custom concept.

Many expect the 1250 Custom to step in for the aging Sportster range. Already discontinued in Europe due to Euro 5 standards, the Sportster remains in the American market for 2021, but its days are numbered. Harley-Davidson Chief Engineer Alex Bozmoski practically said as much just 18 minutes into the video.

“This (Pan America) is a new genre for Harley-Davidson,” said Bozmoski. “We plan to build upon this platform going forward. The product that’s coming out very soon (is) the 1250 Custom cruiser.”

Official information on the 1250 Custom could come as early as fall 2021. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but Harley seems like it’s finally ready to move on to the next chapter in the company’s storied history.

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