Lots of people complain about LA traffic, and that's completely fair. It's a major, sprawling city, so traffic at its worst is never going to exactly be good.

But speaking as an outsider who visits (and rides in) LA occasionally, the one thing I'm constantly envious of is the fact that LA folks can legally lane split. And that driving culture, by and large, is aware of this fact, so a lot of drivers will even scooch out of the way for bikes. Or, at the very least, not actively try to murder you for splitting.

With all that in mind, the mental math on why actor Woody Harrelson regularly rides his motorcycle across LA as basic transportation completely makes sense, to my mind. But on the way to record a recent episode of the Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend podcast, Harrelson, unfortunately, found himself going over the handlebars of his bike and over the hood of a rogue Tesla that was turning left, as he later shared on the show.

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Thankfully, he was mostly fine, except for a hand injury that his longtime friend (and fellow Conan guest that day) Ted Danson helpfully patched up in the most hilarious way possible. If you've been wondering why that cartoonish ice pack is sitting on Harrelson's head in the screencap, that's a Dr. Danson touch. 

In Harrelson's telling of the story, the Tesla was going slower than he would have liked, so he went to pass the car on the left. What he didn't realize is that the Tesla had slowed down to turn left, so he ended up crashing into the Tesla and going over the hood. It's not clear whether the Tesla had used its turn signal or not, but Harrelson says he was glad he was wearing a helmet because he did hit his head at some point. 

You can hear (and see) the whole thing straight from Harrelson's mouth, in the funniest way possible, in the podcast clip video above. 

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