So it turns out that WorldSBK Ducati racer Danilo Petrucci isn’t just extremely talented on the motorcycle, he also has a knack for designing some pretty good-looking machines. In fact, the Italian racer-turned-designer has just revealed not one, but two custom builds based on two popular Ducati machines.

Petrucci teamed up with Italian design house Dotto Creations for La Leggenda di Handyman and Il Mito di Noveunosei, head-turning machines that sit at polar opposites of the two-wheeled spectrum, but nonetheless wear the Ducati badge.

One of them is a rugged, scrambler-style off-roader, while the other is a retro-modern race bike inspired by one of the most iconic sportbikes in history. Let's take a look at the two. 

La Leggenda di Handyman

La Leggenda di Handyman - Designed by Danilo Petrucci and Dotto Creations
La Leggenda di Handyman - Designed by Danilo Petrucci and Dotto Creations

Let’s kick things off with La Leggenda di Handyman. Literally translating to “The Legend of Handyman,” this custom creation is based on the Ducati DesertX, and highlights the versatility and off-road performance of the bike. Petrucci said he wanted to make the bike look cool, aggressive, and modern, and not like the “grandpa-looking” enduro-style ADV bikes on the market.

The modifications go much deeper than the surface, too, as the Handyman gets reworked geometry, a lower-slung stance, and a cropped tail for a sportier look. It also features full-carbon bodywork and handlebars that can be adjusted without the use of any tools. Mechanically speaking, the bike is still a DesertX, with its 937cc engine kept stock.


Dotto Creations supplied the custom-made headlight, tail light, turn indicators, skid plate, and body panels, effectively bringing Petrucci’s vision to life.

Only 10 examples of the Handyman will ever be made, and as of the moment, we’re still waiting for pre-order information to be announced.

 Il Mito di Noveunosei

Up next we have Il Mito di Noveunosei, which translates to “The Myth Of Nine-One-Six.” And I’m sure you understand exactly why it’s named this. Petrucci envisioned the bike to be a modern-day evocation of the iconic Ducati 916.

Il Mito di Noveunosei - Designed by Danilo Petrucci and Dotto Creations

Designed by none other than Massimo Tamburini, the 916 is widely regarded as the most beautiful motorcycle ever built, and Petrucci’s Il Mito di Noveunosei aims to pay tribute to this iconic machine. The 916 also holds a special place in Petrucci’s heart, as it was the first bike he rode on circuit.

It’s built off the Ducati Panigale V4, a bike that is arguably the spiritual successor to the 916—both in terms of form and function. Here, the bike gets custom bodywork that mimics the styling of the 916, particularly with the bike’s intake resembling the headlights of the 916. The Panigale also gets new side fairings and a tail-mounted exhaust system inspired by the iconic superbike.

A total of 16 of these bespoke Ducati Panigales will be scheduled for production. And just like the Handyman, pricing and availability info has yet to be disclosed.

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Both La Leggenda di Handyman and Il Mito di Noveunosei are super important because they’re living proof that the passion for two wheels goes beyond just riding. And for a top racer like Danilo Petrucci, they could very well be part of his legacy, and showcase just how dynamic he is in the world of motorcycling. Indeed, you could say that these two bikes are almost too pretty to ride.

Which one would you pick? I, personally, lean towards Il Mito di Noveunosei, as the Ducati 916 has always been one of my favorite bikes ever made. Let us know your choice in the comments!

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