If you spend a lot of time on motorcycle YouTube, you already know that there are loads of track day videos out there. As with most things in the world, your mileage may vary as to how helpful you find them, and some may be more useful to you than others. 

But one series that's just started, and that you might probably want to keep an eye on, is a new Track Day Tips series from six-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea. He's been posting videos to his YouTube channel for years now, giving some behind-the-scenes glances into various aspects of his life, both on and off the track.

And of course, what he's best known for is his track skills, so who better to give some insight into getting ready for your first track day? While it's no substitute for a one-on-one lesson with a skilled instructor, getting your head in the game and taking some well-reasoned and informed information with you to your first track day can hopefully enrich your experience.

And maybe soothe any pre-event jitters you might be feeling.

This video is the first in a series that Rea will be posting on his YouTube channel, and it mainly covers the basics of body positioning during different moments on the bike. He talks about keeping your arms and elbows able to move, with a slight bend; not locked straight in place.

Also, Rea says it's especially important to recognize that you don't only turn with your hands and the handlebars. You turn the bike with your feet, and weighting the inside peg to help guide your bike through the turn. You want to slide your butt slightly off the saddle and into the turn, using your body weight and position for better control. 

As you exit the turn, Rea says, start to switch the weight to your outside leg and start to rearrange your body into a nice tuck position. Your butt should be back on the saddle, elbows forward and lined up with your knees if you can do it. Tuck your head down and keep the wind flowing over you for good aero. 

Pata Yamaha 2024 - Jonathan Rea's First Test Day 6
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Rea also gives good, specific tips on body positioning and behavior for the braking area, tip-in-area, and apex of a turn.

As you brake, he says, you're upright. The tip-in area is where you start to reposition your body and get that butt cheek off the bike to guide the turn. One thing that Rea says is the biggest mistake he sees is people who try to go too fast through the apex, when in reality that should be the slowest part of the turn. That's where you start to straighten the bike back up, think about getting into a tuck, and open up the throttle to prepare for the next straight. 

Changing your body positioning to work with the bike, rather than staying in the same position the whole time is what you want to do, Rea says. If you don't move around and work with your bike, you're riding like a goon. In Rea's words, don't be a goon.

Other key pieces of advice Rea shares in this video are the importance of tire warmers for riding both fast and safely, as well as using your limited track time as efficiently as possible. If you already have heat in the tires because you used tire warmers before you went out, then you'll be faster and safer and also have more confidence right away.

Who doesn't want that?

Finally, Rea advises not to skimp on the quality of your motorcycle gear if you're doing track days. Get yourself some good kit before you head out, and don't be afraid to shop around no matter where you live. Please don't buy an Amazon-special helmet, but there are usually sales going on at reputable gear sellers that you can use to save yourself some money and still get quality gear. 

Ride awesome, have fun, and maybe consider following Jonathan Rea on YouTube if you want to learn more of his track day tips in the future.

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