I've been to Willow Springs International Raceway a lot in my career. I've gone extremely fast, drifted the course, and had so many smiles shared with friends at the famous racetrack located in the high desert just outside of Los Angeles, California. 

But all that fun may be ending soon for everyone else, as the racetrack is now up for sale. Which is why I think we should crowd-source the buying of Willow. 

According to the listing with Team Scarborough, "Willow Springs International Motorsports Park is one the most photographed racing facilities in the world, appearing in thousands of magazine ads, television commercials and shows, and motion pictures in the United States and abroad."

It goes on to state, "Situated on over 600 acres, the raceway consists of 3 road courses, two paved quarter-mile oval tracks, a 3/8-mile banked dirt oval, a kart track, a paved drifting track, and an opportunity for drag racing." That's a heck of a property and the track has been used to test automobiles and motorcycles, as well as play host to both TV and film, throughout its nearly 70-year operation.

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There's legacy in every square inch. But not according to its Loopnet listing, which cites that "On average, Willow Springs track rental rates are 55% below comparable raceways," and lists the property's total worth coming in at around a cool $2.2 million. That seems insanely low for a full-blown racetrack.

And especially low for a track as famous as Willow. 

But maybe they've fallen on hard times and we need to save them? If the $2.2 million price tag is legit, which I don't think it is, then that means if we all chip in $50, we'd just need 44,000 co-owners to fund the purchase. Imagine being the co-owner of one of the coolest tracks around?

Think of all the track days we could have. I'd ask the crew over at Channel 199 to come over and construct a couple of ramps for the front straight of Big Willow so I could launch UTVs off of it. There are also dirt tracks, off-road trails, ovals, a drag strip, garages, a restaurant that's never been open any of the times I've been there, and a gift shop. 

I'd hate to see Willow bought by some VC or PE group and closed off to the public, so here's hoping that doesn't happen. But yeah, if you've got a spare $50, give me a call and let's figure some things out. 

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