I love anything fast. It doesn't matter if it's on two wheels, three, four, or even none. If it goes like a bat out of hell, sign me up. It's why I'm here at RideApart and making all the changes to what we cover. 

But when you get to legally speed on both two wheels and four during one awesome event, well, that beats just about everything. 

And wouldn't you know it, Porsche and Ducati have just the thing to satisfy that itch. Two of my favorite brands combining forces like Voltron to make you the protector of the universe. I mean, to make you both a better rider and driver through Porsche's Experience Center. 

According to Ducati, "For the very first time, Porsche and Ducati are organizing an experience to improve your riding skills on Ducati motorcycles (with the exception of the Panigale family) and Porsche cars. A memorable day in which to train on both two and four wheels surrounded by an exclusive location: the Porsche Experience Centre Franciacorta."

The first-time combo mimics Porsche's other Experience Center programs, as you arrive at the location, get a little bit of schooling, and then some practical application with one of the brand's cars. This just adds motorcycles to that mix. 

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Ducati states that "Half day in a car, half day on a motorcycle, to learn all the secrets of safe riding in both worlds. You'll learn how to keep the right position both in the saddle and behind the wheel, how to use your eyes in the right way, how to make the most of the braking power of both vehicles, how to handle emergency situations safely and consciously." And from experience with pros and coaches, these lessons will be invaluable as you learn far more than you think you will. 

Plus, riding makes you a better driver

As for what you'll have on hand, Porsche will have a 911 Carrera S and 4S, a 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 and Cayman GTS 4.0, as well as both a Cayenne and Cayenne Coupè. Ducati, on the other hand, will have a Diavel, DesertX, Multistrada, Monster, Hypermotard, Supersport, Scrambler, and a Streetfighter.

No Panigales will be present for some reason, though I suspect it's the same reason why not GT3 RS' will be there either. 

The location for the event is at Porsche's Franciacorta Experience Center in Italy, so if you're out of the country, you'll have to fly in. Gear is required, though you may also be able to get gear when you get to the track. However, that has to be arranged ahead of time. 

Currently, there's only one set of dates for this combo; June 29-30th. No other dates have been detailed and no word on whether this will be a strictly European affair or if any other locations will get the Ducati experience. That said, the whole thing isn't all that expensive and will set you back 1,200 Euros, which translates to about $1,300. That's not terrible. 

But what do you all think? Would you do a Porsche/Ducati joint experience?

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