There are whole sites devoted to engine swaps, builds, and more. And we could go on and on about all the cool motorcycle engine swaps we see. Especially given how easy it is to swap a 'Busa engine into literally everything. 

But every once in a while, a properly weird or mad one comes along that we know we have to highlight. Something so interesting, you just have to know about it. 

That's why today, we're showing you this nondescript Citroën 2CV. A car meant for farmers to carry their eggs over ruddy fields. A car from nearly 70 years ago. A car that was never meant to be driven in any sort of anger. 

And yet, one intrepid man looked at the 2CV and said, "Hell with that. It's time to swap in a BMW-sourced boxer engine!" And that was that. 

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Practical Performance Car out of the UK is the channel that caught up with the Citroën's owner, Rob, who did the conversion to his 2CV. In the video, Rob explains that, one day, he was just looking at the dimensions of the Citroën's original engine and the boxer in his old BMW and thought, "Well, that'd fit, wouldn't it?" 

It took him a while to finally find out that it did, and with the help from some folks across the internet, along with some very minor cutting to the inner fenders, the motorcycle's heart was transplanted into the 2CV. 

Additionally, the lad threw a Power Commander onto the engine and upped the BMW's horsepower. How much? That's unclear, but Rob says it feels like quite a bit more than the stock boxer's 95. 

Will Hollman, the host of the channel, then gets a drive in with Rob and declares, "Well, that's a bit more nippy than standard!" The Citroën also sounds excellent with the BMW's heart thumping along. 

Check it out.

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