More wheels, more traction, right? Well, that's surely worked for the world's militaries, as well as Brabus, Mercedes-Benz, and John Deere. But you know what usually doesn't have more wheels than your standard four? ATVs. 

Four wheels are usually enough for most folks riding an ATV, whether they're out hunting, running around a ranch, riding trails or herding cattle. They can hit deep mud, hard-pack dirt, gravel, whatever without breaking a sweat. And make manual labor all the easier. But this is America and we're the kings of engineering to the insane and Polaris loves its own insanity.

Take a look at the new Polaris 6x6 Sportsman 570 2-up. Oh yeah, you read that right, Polaris, the makers of the RZR and what's likely an upcoming UTV tank, just dropped a 6x6 ATV based on its ever-popular and all-new Sportsman lineup. Am I giggling? I think I'm giggling.

I don't know what I'd do with a 6x6 ATV, but I really want to find a use-case. But before I head off to my local dealership, let's talk about what goes into the 6x6 and drool over the details and engineering. 

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According to Polaris, "The Sportsman 6x6 570 is purpose-built for those looking to get more done in less time." To that end, the 6x6 features an "industry-leading 800-pound dump box to move larger loads more efficiently and confidently with factory-integrated D-rings with multiple tie-down points to secure cargo."

That sounds suspiciously enough that I could throw a dirt bike or electric dirt bike into the back of it and head even further into the woods to chase high-country mule deer or elk this fall...


Furthermore, Polaris kept the Sportsman 570's 48-inch-wide stance so even though its longer, the 6x6 can still fit on tighter trails. Polaris also gave it better LED lights for "enhanced visibility for early morning and late-night tasks." Bettering the experience further, the 6x6 also gets an on-demand AWD system that can detect tire slip in loose surface conditions. This feature then will send power through the wheels for "optimal traction and control."

The 6x6 also has a five-gallon sealed front dry storage space, making it perfect for tools, gear, and more that will be safe from the elements. Polaris also made a 3,500-pound winch standard, complete with a synthetic rope and autostop. 

As for pricing, the 6x6 will start at $14,999 before you start adding accessories, as well as tax, title, and other fees. But, honestly, that's pretty inexpensive for something that's seemingly so adaptive and capable. The 6x6 will start shipping out next week to dealers. 

Now I just need to get one over to my house and start scouting for deer and elk. Who else wants one?

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