Adventure bikes are meant to be ridden, and recent years have seen manufacturers recognize that an adventure bike isn’t really an adventure bike without the adventure part of the equation.

And so we’re seeing companies like BMW, Royal Enfield, and KTM come up with adventure-touring programs for their loyal and valuable patrons. Case in point: KTM’s Adventure Rider Rally.

Now, KTM is by no means a newbie in the world of ADV. In fact, it’s all about the off-road lifestyle, with the 2024 KTM Adventure Rider Rally now on its 19th season. It’s scheduled for October 10 to 13, 2024, and will take place in Deadwood, South Dakota. KTM has announced that registration is now open, so you’d better move fast as only a limited number of slots will be on offer.


So, what’s gonna go down at the 2024 KTM Adventure Rider Rally?

The four-day event will be split into three segments with the first day being all about test rides. The entirety of KTM’s lineup will be on offer for both KTM aficionados and first-timers to the brand to get a taste. More specifically, riders will get to test KTM’s street lineup consisting of the Duke series ranging from 390 all the way to 1390. Of course, KTM would be remiss not to include its off-road-capable models, and so the entire ADV and ADV R range of bikes, as well as the Enduro, SMC, and EXC bikes will be present, too.

After the demo day on October 10, the fun begins as the full on adventure experience will open its doors from October 11 to 12. Riders will get a taste of exciting and challenging courses consisting of double-track trails with loose gravel and rocky sections. Routes include Devils Tower, Spearfish Canyon, and the Black Hills. And while these may all sound intimidating and challenging, KTM says that it’s open to riders of all skill levels.

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And that’s because KTM’s making sure to keep all riders as safe as possible. Riders will be arranged in groups of two to four, and there’ll even be riding technique and technical riding seminars for beginners. The entire course will also be mapped via GPS, with riders required to have their own trackers like a Garmin InReach or a similar PLB device.

Best of all, KTM isn’t gatekeeping the ADV fun as it’s opening the KTM Adventure Rider Rally to all brands of street-legal motorcycles… more than likely in a bid to encourage riders to make the switch to team orange.

Finally, the fourth and final day on October 13 will consist of shorter riders and games, as well as fun and merriment for the entire family.

Big events like KTM’s Adventure Rider Rally are super important for the ADV community as they allow both newcomers and seasoned adventurers alike to gather and share their insight in a safe, secure, and well-regulated environment. It makes adventure riding more accessible to a wide audience, and is living proof that the desire for two-wheeled adventure is alive and kicking.

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