You're familiar with the concept of craft beer, right? Japanese startup Icoma wants you to get comfortable with the idea of 'craft bikes.'

If the name sounds familiar, that's probably because you've been following the adorable Icoma Tatamel Bike for the past few years

Back when the company first introduced the concept, it was a pre-Honda Motocompacto world. While Honda of course paved the way for all folding motorbikes back in the day with its original Motocompo, at the time Icoma first showed off Tatamel Bike, there just wasn't any kind of modern equivalent. Let alone an electric one.

It's true that Icoma doesn't have the global reach of Honda. Few companies do. So, since it can't rely on being any type of volume seller, it's taking a completely different approach to bringing Tatamel Bike to market in 2024. 

It's calling it a 'craft bike,' and it's making them in small batches. The components are all made in Japan, both by Icoma and by trusted craftspeople in other facilities around the country. Some parts are 3D printed because this is 2024. Other parts are stainless steel, aluminum, or other more traditional materials. 

The front wheel is a 10-inch unit, and the rear is a 6-inch unit. It has a full suspension, despite its relatively small size. It also has a center stand, and Icoma reckons it can go about 30 kilometers (or about 18.6 miles) on a single charge. The estimated top speed is around 40 kilometers per hour, or just under 25 mph. 

It has LED lighting, as well as NFC capability. It charges using a standard household plug, and can fold up for easy transport. Total weight, Icoma says, is 63 kilograms, or about 139 pounds. So you might not want to lift it (or maybe you do, if you want a workout), but it's certainly a lot lighter in weight than most motorbikes. 

Icoma opened preorders for Tatamel Bike on May 15, 2024, and delivery is expected to begin in October 2024. The side panels are completely customizable, so you can make Tatamel Bike look any way you want. 

Gallery: Icoma Tatamel Bike Preorder

What's this cute little indie electric runabout going to cost you? Icoma estimates the cost to be about ¥498,000, which is about US $3,173 at the time of writing in May 2024. That price includes tax, but does not include any associated shipping costs. Also, it's not a definite price; Icoma's preorder page is currently more of an 'interest registration' page, and you aren't required to put down a deposit at this time. 

It's not cheap, but neither are most craft things. And it does at least have a suspension, which the Motocompacto does not. But it also costs about three times as much, so is it worth it? That's entirely up to the owners.

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