If you’re into classic bikes, then chances are you wrench as much as you ride, or perhaps you wrench more than you ride. And so, if there was one epic opportunity for you to ride your bike—one that would make all your hard work in restoring and modifying your pride and joy even more worth it, would you go for it?

This is exactly what Sandraiders offers enthusiasts of vintage and classic adventure and maxi-trail bikes. The annual event first opened its doors in 2014 and has since grown to include more than 150 riders competing across the sandy, arid landscapes of Morocco. This year, a total of 154 bikes turned up to Sandraiders, with some truly head-turning bikes in the roster.

Some of these bikes were showcased in a recent vlog by Harry’s Garage, a YouTube channel run and operated by none other than Harry Metcalfe, an acclaimed automotive journalist who founded Evo Magazine.

So, what stood out in the 2024 Sandraiders lineup?

Well, of course, Harry’s own bike, which was a modified Yamaha TT600 was highlighted in all its glory. Finished in the iconic white and red motif, Harry’s bike has been fitted with a bunch of choice modifications designed to improve performance and comfort, all while retaining its classic charm. For instance, it gets suspension spacers to stiffen up the front end, an aftermarket exhaust, and even an electric starter motor. But the bike retains its front drum brake for a period-correct appearance.


Up next, Charlie, Harry’s son, showcased his bike, which was a Honda XR600R. After participating in the 2023 Sandraiders and being met with a lot of issues in terms of the bike staying in one piece, Charlie’s XR was beefed up and upgraded with a new front rotor, folding foot pegs, and a new front sprocket. The bike also received a top-end overhaul, and keeps its kick-start-only setup.

A bunch of other eye-catching bikes were showcased in Harry’s vlog such as a gorgeous Honda XL600LM, one of the first Dakar-style electric kick-start bikes. There was also a resto-modded Yamaha XT600 in Tenere colors complete with a bunch of rally-focused accessories such as a navigation tower, spare parts, tool kits, and a first-aid kit.

In total, 154 motorcycles turned up to the event, with 37 Suzukis, 41 Yamahas, 57 Hondas, 15 KTMs, and three BMWs making up the lineup. Talk about a feast for the eyes.

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Sandraiders provides enthusiasts of vintage rally and adventure bikes the chance not just to meet up and take a closer look at each other’s bikes, but to actually ride them in a rally-style course. The Sandraiders course covers more than 1,500 kilometers across Morocco and will see riders traverse mountainous terrain and loose sand and dunes.

According to Sandraiders’ official website, only classic and neo-classic trail and maxi-trail bikes are granted entry into the event, with all bikes manufactured before the year 2000, and with a minimum engine size of 350cc.

For 2025, Sandraiders is scheduled to happen from April 26 to May 4, and is open to anyone in the world with a bike that matches the criteria. Organizers have set up key locations across Europe where they’ll pick up your bike and ship it over to Morocco for the event. Check out all the details on Sandraiders’ official website.

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