Folks, I have good news for you. Motorcycle racing is alive and well—and it’s stronger than ever before.

I’m sure you’re well aware of this, but we’re in some of the most exciting times in the world of racing, as technology is advancing at a break-neck pace—sometimes seemingly faster than the bikes themselves—and riders are becoming more skilled than ever before.

Naturally, the success of a racing series isn’t really dependent on who sits at the top of the podium. It’s dependent on the people who turn up to the grandstands to watch the action. That’s right, if it weren’t for enthusiasts like you and me spending our hard-earned dollars to watch racing—be it live or online—well, racing wouldn’t be what it is today.

Case in point: the recently concluded MotoGP round at Le Mans set a new attendance record, with 297,471 attendees heading over to the iconic raceway to watch the action right before their very eyes. And though it would’ve been romantic for a Frenchman to have taken the win during such a momentous occasion, it’s still a massive W, not just for MotoGP, but the world of motorcycle racing as a whole.

According to the FIM itself, the Grand Prix de France was the highest-attended race weekend in MotoGP history.

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For the record, attendance in MotoGP, particularly at Le Mans, has seen quite an uptick in recent years. During the 2023 season, 278,805 visitors made their way to the Bugatti Raceway. Not too long ago, the 24 Heures Motos of the FIM Endurance World Championship drew in a crowd of 78,000 people who set up camp to watch motorcycles zipping past the racetrack for 24 continuous hours.

So yes, motorcycle racing is alive, well, and kicking. And it’s stronger than it’s ever been. In my book, that’s cause for celebration.

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