Dirt bikes are already pretty unadulterated fun. They're small, light, nimble, and fairly cheap, especially if you pick one up from your local Facebook Marketplace. But everything can be made bettered with a healthy dose of insanity, as is the case with CboysTV's latest experiment and video.

They asked a simple question, how do you make an 85cc dirt bike radder? Easy, you attach a side car extension, take it into a muddy field, and bring a second dirt bike side car to race and do silly things with. 

Where do I sign up?

The whole thing started with two 85cc dirt bikes, though they originally thought pit bikes would be the base. That, however, went out the window as they just wouldn't have enough power to get around. As for the dirt bikes themselves, they picked some solid platforms to start with, including a GasGas MC 85 and a Yamaha YZ85. 

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The CBoys said they lifted the concept from side-hack bicycles, which is a different form of racing compared to that of motorcycle side car racing. That said, the principle is the same as there's a rider piloting the dirt bike and a second side car rider, aka a "monkey". The monkey leans left and right with the bike to better get around a turn and be faster around a track. It's a wild dance when you see professionals do it.

For the unprofessional professional CBoys, the monkey just gets a face full of roost.

As you'd expect from the guys at this point, they get into all sorts of shenanigans including taking the bikes through mud pits, tree-lined trails, and off of small little jumps. The latter of which looks to test the side car's construction, as after a day of railing the dirt bike side cars, the axle looks ready to snap in half. 

I sincerely doubt they were made for such abuse, especially given they're bicycle parts and not moto. 

What I don't doubt is my newfound need for one of these 85cc side cars for my backyard and general hooning pleasure. Who wants to float me a couple grand?

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