Polaris' new XPEDITION UTV is something I've had my eye on for awhile, as its capabilities are something I've strived to produce in my garage with our family's Can-Am Maverick X3. Yes, the two brands are mortal enemies, but I've been kitting out my X3 with all the overlandy stuff Polaris just dropped from the factory two months before my build went live. 

But while I've gotten pretty close to my final build—stay tuned for a special surprise next week—it's taken way more than what's readily available from the Polaris factory. And it has me seriously thinking about some projects I'd love to complete with the XPEDITION in the near future. 

However, while the factory parts and accessories for the UTV are dope, you can always go further. And Polaris' Customs series highlighting some seriously special machines does just that, with the latest taking a concept from pro rally racer/mountain biker Brandon Semenuk and turning it into reality with the help of Draco UTV. 

That's one sweet rig. 

According to Polaris, "Brandon is a professional mountain biker and motorsports athlete who is a three-time Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour Gold Medalist. Being a five-time Red Bull Joyride winner, X-Games Real MTB Gold Medalist, and X-Games Silver medalist in the Mountain Bike Slopestyle event, Semenuk is the most successful rider ever at both Red Bull Joyride and Red Bull Rampage. Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Brandon started out cross-country cycling and the passion and talent only grew from there. Semenuk thrives on living on the edge while shredding the trails and being in the elements. The mountain bike world cannot wait to see his next move."

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That's one helluva resume and doesn't even include Semenuk's skills behind Subaru's ARA rally car. However, you can see that this particular Polaris XPEDITION is designed with his mountain biking background in mind, with all the accouterments needed for a backwoods downhill rip on some fresh dirt. 

Polaris states that, with the help of Draco UTV, the XPEDITION received a Draco UTV Roof Rack, Draco UTV Bed Rack, Draco Custom Suede Interior, Draco Custom Water Tank, Draco Custom Paint Job, Draco Powder Coated Wheels, and Draco Roof Rack Side Lights.

Additionally, a host of parts from outside the Draco UTV catalog were employed, including 32-inch Maxxis tires wrapped around 15-inch KMC wheels, window tint, a Retro Polaris Graphics Kit, KC Hilites' Flex Era Rear Lights, KC Flex Era Front Bumper Lights, KC Pro 6 Roof Rack Light Bar, roof rack mounted trail shaping tools, Pro Eagle Jack, two Milwaukee Pack Outs, a Milwaukee first aid kit, three bike racks mounted on the bed rack, Milwaukee Onboard Air Compressor and air hose reel, Milwaukee chain saw, a Milwaukee water pump and water hose reel, and a Savage UTV fire extinguisher. 

That's one laundry list of rad stuff, gear I've personally put my trust in a few times, and the end result is one we'd love to get behind the wheel of. However, I have a few other ideas that could be superbly cool, too. And I could probably do with with Polaris and Draco UTVs help...

Maybe I'll clue you all in and see whether I should make some poor financial decisions. We'll see.


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