The greatest and latest innovations in the world of electric motorcycles seem to be coming from the most unlikely of places. While the Japanese big four has indeed expressed interest in electrification—with Kawasaki even launching an EV Z and Ninja—others seem to be taking a fairly conservative approach when it comes to the development of new electric platforms.

That said, younger brands seem to be more willing to take on the risk—investing tons of money in the development of new electric platforms. Kymco, for example, is a brand that was little more than a scooter maker a decade or so ago.

Recently, however, the Taiwanese brand has rolled out lots of innovations in the electric space, most notable of which is an upcoming electric motorcycle based on the LiveWire S2.

LiveWire S2 Mulholland

LiveWire S2 Mulholland

Indeed, Kymco holds a stake in the LiveWire brand, with a four-percent share via a 100 million dollar capital investment. And while Harley-Davidson still holds a majority share of LiveWire, it’s clear that the two companies will be leveraging each other’s expertise in the industry.

The upcoming LiveWire S3 models will essentially be scaled-down versions of the existing S2 Del Mar and S2 Mulholland models, presumably meant to target the entry-level market. It’s also more than likely that Kymco’s delayed RevoNEX and SuperNEX electric models will finally become a reality through this collaboration.

Design drawings of the electric bike resemble the Kymco RevoNEX platform underpinned by the Arrow platform

Design drawings of the electric bike resemble the Kymco RevoNEX platform underpinned by the Arrow platform

Judging from the styling of the motorcycle depicted in the drawings, it seems more than likely that the actual production RevoNEX and SuperNEX bikes will be based on this new platform.

Should the upcoming LiveWire S3, and subsequent Kymco-branded electric models come into fruition, it’s more than likely that these bikes will be based on the same Arrow platform found in the S2 series. For reference, it delivers an impressive 63 kW (about 84 horsepower) and 263 Nm (194 pound-feet) of torque.

Take note, however, there’s a good chance that the S3 range of electric motorcycles will be smaller and less performance-oriented than the S2 models. Back in 2021, when the LiveWire product portfolio was released, the company stated that the Arrow architecture would be scaled down for application in “lightweight two-wheelers.”

To that end, we’ll have to keep our ears and eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available.


The prospect of a lightweight, hopefully more affordable, electric motorcycle is always exciting, let alone when it comes from companies as reputable as LiveWire and Kymco. And although electric motorcycles are often snubbed by “purists,” there’s no denying that technology is paving the way for the future.

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