What makes a great enduro race bike? Well for starters, it has to be light, packing a bunch of power, and have capable suspension that can soak up all the bumps, rocks, and ruts the terrain throws at it.

KTM hopes to tick all these boxes with its 2025 XC and XC-F models, all of which make race-derived tech and performance accessible to us mere mortals.

Don't believe us? The 2025 KTM XC and XC-F models come with a bunch of components that have been sourced directly from FMF KTM Factory Racing, a racing team with quite a lot of credentials in the off-road scene. The team currently sits at the top of the leaderboard of the 2024 Grand National Cross Country Series with Johnny Girroir piloting the race bike. Meanwhile, KTM Factory Racing is also at the top of this year’s National Grand Prix Championship with Dante Oliveira at the helm.

So, apart from the unmistakable orange bodywork, what lies beneath the surface of the 2025 XC and XC-F range? Let’s take a closer look.

2025 KTM XC And XC-F Are Ready To Rip Up The Trails

Updated Frame 

For starters, the 2025 model-year brings with it a newly developed frame. Visible cutouts and optimized tube-wall thicknesses around the headstock mean that the frame is beefy and sturdy in key areas, and light and flexible in others. KTM says that these changes have been engineered to improve chassis flex characteristics, and of course, to reduce weight. The new frames are said to be 300 grams lighter than the previous model.

2025 KTM XC And XC-F Are Ready To Rip Up The Trails

At the back, the new models benefit from an updated swingarm with a machined chain slider for improved mud dissipation. The rear brake pedal has also been reinforced providing better feel and bend resistance.

When it comes to suspension, KTM’s always been one to equip its bikes with the very best, and the 2025 XC and XC-F series are no different. WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring forks and an XACT linkage-equipped shock work double-time to ensure top-tier off-road performance, this time featuring reworked settings to account for the lighter and more flexible frame.

Frame and suspension aside, the 2025 KTM XC and XC-F models also get improved connectivity features via the new Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO) module. This device is offered as part of the KTM PowerParts lineup for the XC-F range, and allows racers and teams to optimize the bike’s performance settings via the KTMconnect mobile app.

2025 KTM XC And XC-F Are Ready To Rip Up The Trails

With all the fancy tech and component updates out of the way, the 2025 XC and XC-F models get a refreshed look, too. New tank shrouds made out of bi-composite plastics provide a fresh, sharp aesthetic, all while improving engine cooling characteristics. There’s also an updated fuel tank mount that KTM says protects the frame against wear from scrubbing.Of course, bold and loud orange bodywork complete with red and black graphics make these bikes visible from a mile away and really stand out in the lush green landscape.

The 2025 KTM XC and XC-F models are expected to be made available in KTM dealerships by June, 2024.


Why does it matter?

Lighter, faster, and more high tech, the 2025 KTM XC and XC-F models are proof that technology in the off-road scene is by no means slowing down, and there’s a strong demand for these seemingly niche machines in the enthusiast market. The race-derived features found on these bikes are laying the foundation for the next generation of dual-sports and off-roaders. And even if a KTM XC-F may seem like too much bike for you, chances are in the future, more affordable, entry-level models will feature similar tech as this cutting-edge machine.

Gone are the days of barebones enduro bikes ripping up the trails. It's clear that, in order to succeed in the top tiers of racing, technology is the key, and optimizing performance to various terrains gives riders the upper hand. 

But are you gonna try and hang with the KTM factory riders and pick one of these up? Let us know in the comments below. 

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