Think about how good it feels to absolutely nail a corner. It could be on one of your favorite roads, or it could be on a track (asphalt or dirt; your choice). To achieve that result, you had to first ensure that you were riding the proper line. Then (and only then), if all the variables worked in your favor, you hit it good and hard and got it just right.

Now imagine doing the exact same thing, in the exact same way, multiple times. You can't fudge it, because you're also trying to make a video that relies on you hitting the exact same line the exact same way every single time.

That's what two-time Red Bull Straight Rhythm 125cc champ Carson Brown had to do in order to create his latest video. It's called Two Stroke, Four Seasons, One Lap, and it sees him piloting his 1993 Honda CR125 around the Flying Iron Horse Ranch in Coalville, Utah over the course of a single year. 

Every season, Brown got out there on his bike and hit it. Drones and other cameras captured his progress around the track, also taking in the changing of the terrain and greenery around him. 

Gallery: Carson Brown - Four Seasons, One Lap

In the fall, there was magnificent foliage to provide a stunning backdrop to the action. In the winter, Brown switched to studded tires and took to the austere, snowy track to crunch through the flakes and keep the project going.

And of course, in spring and summer, he (and the viewers) were rewarded with the sights, sounds, and smells of the ranch reviving from the harsh silence of winter, with plants and trees springing back to life and entering full bloom over time.

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It's an impressive feat, both for Brown as a rider and also for Red Bull Media House's video editing team. The finished video is a unique showcase of both riding and video editing talent, as well as the natural beauty of the area where it was shot. 

We suggest you give it a watch and get inspired to go make some art. Whether that art is in the saddle, behind the camera, or behind the controls of your favorite editing suite is up to you.

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