The 2024 AMA US Hard Enduro Series Championship (USHE) has just announced a partnership with the off-road industry’s leading mapping solutions provider onX Offroad to make the courses that much wilder.

So, what makes onX Offroad so special, anyway? Well, the company is among the first to offer hyper-detailed topographic and satellite maps, waypoint tracking, and real-time location sharing specifically to off-road enthusiasts. The company knows that adventure often leads us off the grid, so it provides users with detailed offline maps, allowing adventurers to save them on their devices before heading out into the wilderness.

Given the fact that the AMA USHE features some of the most challenging off-road courses in the US, onX Offroad’s expertise will surely come in handy, as the company will provide exclusive mapping support for the remaining stops of the 2024 USHE.

This includes the creation of custom maps for each race location, ensuring riders have the most accurate and detailed navigation tools available. onX Offroad’s interface is loved by many adventurers thanks to the level of detail it offers, particularly unique terrain features and points of interest.

That love includes RideApart's own Executive Editor Jonathon Klein, who uses both onX Offroad and the company's onX Hunt for all his backcountry adventures. "It's helped me navigate through brush, chase elk, hit new trails, single-track and more," he said, adding, "I'd literally be lost without it, as I frequently enjoy actually getting lost."

2024 AMA US Hard Enduro Series Teams Up With onX Offroad

Commenting on the new partnership, General Manager for onX Offroad Rory Edward’s expressed excitement towards the growing popularity of hard enduro in the US. “The series has been the leader in growing hard enduro in the USA and we feel our technology will complement the intense courses in some incredible off-road playgrounds they have planned for this season,” he said.

Meanwhile, Matt Musgrove, Race Director of the USHE, explained that the partnership with onX Offroad will pave the way for a more exciting experience for both spectators and participants alike. “onX Offroad shares our ethos of progression, so we are excited to be able to enhance both the rider and spectator experience using their industry leading technology.”

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The upcoming round of the 2024 USHE will make its way to Taylorsville, North Carolina, in the “Battle of the Goats” scheduled for April 27 to 28. After this, the off-road excitement will make its way to Tamaqua, Pennsylvania for “Tough Like RORR” from May 25 through 26 before heading to the “Locked-N-Loaded Hard Scramble” in Sugarloaf Pennsylvania the next day.

The “Donner Hard Enduro” will follow a couple of weeks after, heading to Norden, California, from June 15 to 16. The season will then draw to a close in the “Red Bull Tennessee Knockout” scheduled for August 23 to 25.

Technology in the world of off-road racing has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years. And this technological advancement goes well beyond just the bikes and equipment. Today, advanced mapping techniques make trails and other off-road courses accessible to a wider audience, while at the same time giving first-timers a good idea of what to expect. And onX Offroad has been at the forefront of that push. 

It’s definitely a great way to engage in the exhilarating powersports world all while being able to enjoy a layer of caution and safety knowing that you have the right skill and equipment to tackle specific challenges off-road.


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