I hate unitaskers with a passion.

Blame years of spending practical time in kitchens both big and small (and both professional and home). There, tools that can do an awful lot of things are universally in high demand.

You might have thought it was just a quirk of Alton Brown's when he would rail against unitaskers on his various Food Network shows, but on that point, he's not wrong. They take up valuable space that could instead be occupied by something that can handle multiple jobs. (There are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking: Yes.)

For that reason, as well as having spent most of my childhood in relatively tiny apartments where space was at a premium, I'm a person who's been primed my entire life to appreciate a bit of clever, multifunctional design.

With all that in mind, the multifunctional cleverness of the new Go All-Terrain Overlanding/Camping Trailer from Sylvansport is absolutely appealing to a person like me. It's a trailer, so you can haul bikes in it. You can haul an ATV in it. The rack up top lets you add a top box, or kayaks, or select other items that fit its carrying capabilities. You can also mount extra stuff on the outside for easy access, like your jerry cans or a spare tire.

But even better than that, the GOAT has this cool waterproof, seam-sealed camping pod that pops down easily to allegedly sleep four humans inside. There's a fold-down table inside that can either be used as a table, or as part of a king-plus bed setup, or for whatever you need it for inside the little camping capsule. It's a genuinely cool, useful looking bit of kit, wouldn't you say?

Wait, It Costs HOW Much?

All that usefulness and ruggedness comes at a price, which I'm sure that you, as a human functioning on this planet, have already instinctively understood.

What is that price, though? If you've read the headline, you already know. The base price starts at US $18,495 if you preorder now (at least, at the time of writing on March 8, 2024). A preorder at that price can be had on the Sylvansport website with a deposit of $5,000 (and if you want to learn more, you can find that site linked in our Sources).

Gallery: Go All-Terrain Overlanding Camping Trailer

For those unfamiliar, Sylvansport has been around since 2004, and offers a number of other camping solutions starting at $2,695. At the high end of its current product range, it also offers the Vast Travel Trailer, which starts at $69,995. So, by comparison, I suppose that the GOAT is certainly less expensive. Then again, the Vast is also accurately described by its name. So there's also that to consider.

It wouldn't be as elegant, but there are a number of motorcycle trailers, pop-up truck tents, and good quality camping gear you could buy for $18,495 or less. If you have more money than time and patience, then this seems like a no-brainer (I guess).

But for everyone else: Would you pay almost $20K for this admittedly very clever overlanding trailer/camper combo unit? Let us know in the comments.

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