CboysTV is the gift that keeps on giving to powersports lovers. If the guys aren't making the wildest Harley-Davidson snow bike you've ever seen, they're replacing the wheels on a dirt bike and an ATV with saw blades. 

The video thumbnail shows a Honda CRF250R on a frozen lake with saw blades instead of wheels, but like most content from the CboysTV, the thumbnail is just the tip of the iceberg. And the boys find even more interesting ways to put these homemade angle grinders to use.

Queue the sirens. 

Blades on Ice

There's a near-endless supply of videos featuring the lads putting things on the ice that have no right to be there, but those videos usually involve snow tires. If you get tangled up with a snow tire, it's bad. But if you get run over by a dirt bike wielding 100 lb saw blades, at the very least, you're probably losing a limb.

dirt bike saw blade on ice cboystv

Looking at the thumbnail, you'd think there's no way that the CRF will work on ice, and if it did, it'd probably sink again. And the first few feet of ice riding does nothing to dispel these thoughts. But, like so many weird projects before it on CboysTV, it works almost too well.

The dirt bike digs into the ice so well that the rider, Ev, said,

"Like, when someone says it's "on rails", I don't know if you can get much more on rails than this." 

Unfortunately, the ATV wasn't as exciting to watch and looked like it was going to shake itself apart at some stages. But, by far, the most frightening part of the video was when it spun out, and its blades were within about a foot of the CRF's.


Blades on Dirt

If you watch the Cboys, you know the next natural port of call was their dirt track. And if you thought their saw-blade vehicles did well on ice, you'll need to pick your jaw up after watching them tackle the dirt track.

This time, both the ATV and the CRF shone, and there were plenty of drifts, jumps, and even wheelies. It's hard to overstate how well these vehicles performed off-road.

Chopping Wood

After testing the CRF's wood-cutting abilities on a hefty log, the lads used both vehicles to demolish a stockpile of used wood. Again, this worked better than you'd have imagined, leading Ryan to say,

Crazy, it's like the most unsafe circular saw I've ever seen.

Finally, the lads set ablaze to the pile of wood using an industrial flame thrower, leading to a surprise visit from the cops and fire department. How the Cboys top this latest video, I don't know. Tell us what you think of their latest creations in the comments.

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