Who doesn’t love motorcycle collectibles? Venture into our homes, garages, and offices, and you’ll find tons of motorcycle paraphernalia scattered all over the place.

And as someone obsessed with both motorcycles and cars, my home and workplace are full of model bikes, cars, and all sorts of trinkets that let any guests and visitors know that I’m all about that life. I’m pretty sure the same is true for you, and I’m also pretty sure that this Kigumi Suzuki Hayabusa is something you’d find interesting.

If not a little maddening, too.

The Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi collectible comes in three sheets.

The Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi collectible comes in three boards.

For those of you who didn’t know, Kigumi is a Japanese construction method that focuses on wood. So much wood that there are no nails or adhesives used to hold them together. As such, each piece is carved to perfectly align with another piece. My childhood life was full of Kigumi puzzles, and I remember spending entire afternoons assembling all sorts of wonderful stuff.

Granted, the Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi collectible doesn’t seem to be designed for kids. Nevertheless, it’s something you can enjoy alone, or with the company of family and friends. It’s made up of three boards, each containing the components of the bike. Based on experience, it may be a good idea to push these parts out gently, as once you’ve broken a piece, it’s something you’ll have to live with for the rest of eternity. Plus, nobody wants to have to use some glue to fix a Kigumi puzzle.

Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi Collectible

Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi Collectible

The Suzuki Hayabusa Kigumi collectible is a Suzuki-licensed product and comes in a flat plate. As such, there’s no pressure for you to assemble it right away, as it occupies hardly any more space than a couple pieces of paper. Once you do get to working on it, however, chances are you won’t be able to stop until you arrive at the finished product.

Once complete, you have an artsy-looking Hayabusa measuring about six inches long, or about the length of an iPhone 15. Using my super accurate guesstimation skills, that’s about a 1:12 scale. It just might take you 2,500 years to put together, though...

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