Each year, Royal Enfield hosts its Rider Mania event in India, which is an event for Enfield enthusiasts from all over to come together and have a great time with their favorite bikes. In 2022, it runs from November 18 through 20, on the sunny shores of Goa—and this year, Enfield is also presenting attendees with the chance to purchase an extremely cool bit of swag. 

For the fans who eat, sleep, and dream Enfield, the OEM has assembled a special 1: 3 scale model of a Royal Enfield Classic, which they’re calling the Classic Collectible. It’s a limited-edition model, and one that will reportedly only be available at Rider Mania.  

The Classic Collectible weighs 8.5 kilograms, or nearly 19 pounds. As a 1/3-scale model, the dimensions are 2.5 feet long by 1.25 feet wide by 0.85 feet high. Each model is handcrafted from more than 250 individual parts. Several of these, as you might guess, are actual working components. This includes both the front and rear suspension, the throttle, and both the brake and clutch levers. Other parts of the bike, such as the teardrop tank and other pieces of bodywork, have been painted and finished so as to most closely resemble the Classic motorcycle that this collectible is based on. 

Gallery: Royal Enfield Limited Edition Classic Collectible

If you’re interested, and you'll be attending Rider Mania 2022, the Royal Enfield Classic Collectible Limited Edition is available in your choice of eight colors: Gun Grey, Teal Green, Chrome Black, Redditch Red, Maroon Chrome, Battle Green, Desert Storm, or Jet Black. The price is ₹67,990, which works out to approximately $833 as of November 18, 2022. However, interested parties can reserve their Limited Edition Classic Collectible for just ₹2,000 (or $24.50) at Rider Mania. That price is inclusive of all applicable taxes. 

It’s a good-looking model, and we’re sure that any rider would be excited to see such a cool (and large) model of a machine that they love. Where would you put a model this big if you had one? It’s a bit too large to sit on your desk, most likely, but it could probably do a fine job as a conversation-starter sitting elsewhere in your office, helping you dream about riding even when you’re sitting still.

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