In many ways, electric bicycles are like motorcycles. Just like motorcycles, there are lots of different types of e-bikes for different types of riders. While today’s selection of urban-focused e-bikes are all about practicality and efficiency, manufacturers recognize the different needs of different folks, and stack up their catalogs accordingly. German bike specialist with a knack for e-bikes Velo de Ville, for instance, has just unveiled its 2024 e-bike lineup.

Velo de Ville wants to stand out in the sea of modern-day e-bikes. To do this, the German brand focuses on customizability and personalization. As such, not only can riders find the right e-bike platform for their wants and needs, they can also set their bikes up exactly the way they want to. In total, Velo de Ville has four new e-bike models to choose from, so let’s take a quick look at each one.

Velo de Ville AEB Urban Commuter

Velo de Ville AEB Urban Commuter

For starters, the Velo de Ville AEB stands as the brand’s urban commuter and versatile all-rounder. It comes in various frame configurations including open, semi-open, and step-over. Various wheel options – including a 26-inch wheelset for the open-frame version – are available, as well. As for performance, the AEB relies on various motors, all of which from none other than Bosch. For the AEB 290, it gets the 40-Nm (29.6-pound-feet) Active Line motor, while the AEB 490 gets the more powerful Active Line Plus with 50 Nm (37 pound-feet) of torque. The two most premium versions – the AEB 890 and 990 – get the Performance Line and Performance Line CX motors, respectively.

Velo de Ville SEB

Velo de Ville SEB "SUV" e-bike

Up next, the Velo de Ville SEB is marketed as the brand’s SUV e-bike, thanks to its more rugged design and enhanced off-road capability. Complete with a suspension fork and Schwalbe Johnny Watts tires, the SEB can be a city commuter and weekend explorer, all while carrying your daily essentials on its rear-mounted luggage rack. Like the AEB, it’s offered in multiple versions with motors encompassing Bosch’s extensive catalog.

Velo de Ville CEB

The Velo de Ville CEB is all about urban comfort.

With the more “performance” oriented models out of the way, let’s take a look at the more utility-focused models in Velo de Ville’s lineup. The CEB, with “C” standing for Comfort, is designed for urban riding with a relaxed, upright seating position. It makes use of the lightweight yet responsive Bosch Performance Line SX motor. More commonly found on lightweight electric mountain bikes and gravel bikes, the Bosch SX motor promises natural pedal feel thanks to an integrated torque sensor. For a comfy ride, the CEB gets a suspension fork, a suspension seatpost, and full-coverage front and rear mudguards.

Velo de Ville KEB

Velo de Ville KEB with its "kompakt" dimensions.

The last model in Velo de Ville’s 2024 catalog is the KEB, with “K” referring to “kompakt” or compact in English. As the name suggests, it’s the smallest of the bunch, rolling on 20-inch wheels and a compact frame design. Like its siblings, it’s focused on urban practicality thanks to its comfortable seating position, step-through frame, and built-in luggage rack. Performance-wise, it packs a punch thanks to the same Bosch Performance Line SX motor.

As mentioned earlier, the 2024 Velo de Ville lineup focuses on customizability, and the German company makes good on this promise by offering a wide selection of upgrades and accessories. On top of that, the bikes are offered with customizable paint options ranging from gloss, matte, and satin finishes, with an extra charge for custom paintwork. To get a detailed look at the new models in Velo de Ville’s model range, feel free to browse through their official website.

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