Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have taken the world by storm in recent years. Brands like CFMoto have set up shop in nearly every corner of the globe, impressing with their value for money, features, and tech. Another notable Chinese-owned brand that’s been making strides recently is Benelli, and for the 2024 model-year, they’ve announced their offerings for the US market. Let’s take a closer look.

Benelli TRK 702

2024 Benelli TRK 702X - Off-Road

2024 Benelli TRK 702X - Off-Road

2024 Benelli TRK 702 Street - Parked

2024 Benelli TRK 702 Street - Parked

The middleweight adventure bike segment is teeming with options for riders with all sorts of budgets. Benelli’s newest TRK 702 model range lives to serve, catering a respectable tech and performance package for riders who don’t quite have the budget for more established bikes like the Yamaha Tenere 700 or Aprilia Tuareg 660. The TRK 702 is offered in two flavors – the X, which is a more off-road-focused model, and the Street, a more touring-oriented machine.

The Benelli TRK 702 series makes use of a 698cc parallel-twin engine, and boasts tech features such as a full-color TFT display, ride modes, and Bluetooth smartphone pairing. Pricing-wise, we’re looking at $8,499 USD for the TRK 702X and $7,899 for the TRK 702 Street. 

Benelli TRK 502

2024 Benelli TRK 502 Street - Riding

2024 Benelli TRK 502 Street - Riding

2024 Benelli TRK 502 X - Riding

2024 Benelli TRK 502 X - Riding

Of course, the Benelli TRK 502X continues to be available in the US market, as it’s the bike that garnered the most sales for the Chinese-owned Italian brand in recent years. It’s worth mentioning that the TRK 502X has proven itself as a solid choice in the small-to-mid displacement category, consistently being a favorite among ADV riders in Europe and other parts of the world. It goes up against the likes of the Honda NX500 (previously the CB500X), but commands a more attractive price of just $6,699. 

Benelli Imperiale 400

2024 Benelli Imperiale 400 - Parked

2024 Benelli Imperiale 400 

Looking to lock horns with the likes of the Royal Enfield Classic 350, the Benelli Imperiale 400 is the brand’s take on a laid-back, classic-inspired machine. With barebones accouterments, the Imperiale 400 is the spiritual descendant of the 1950s Motobi Imperiale, a bike created by none other than Giuseppe Benelli, one of the founding brothers of the original Benelli motorcycle company. It’s powered by a Euro 5-compliant fuel-injected single-cylinder engine with a modest output of 21 horsepower and 21.4 pound-feet of torque. Pricing wise, it carries an MSRP of $4,899 USD. 

Benelli 302S

2024 Benelli 302S - Riding

2024 Benelli 302S - Riding

2024 Benelli 302S - Main

2024 Benelli 302S

Up next, we have the 302S, a lightweight naked streetfighter that’s rocking an interesting engine. It’s one of the few remaining motorcycles – along with Benelli’s 500cc range of bikes – to feature a 360-degree parallel-twin, providing it with a meaty powerband and ample low-end torque. It locks horns with other bikes in the 300 class, namely the Yamaha MT-03 and CFMoto 300NK, all while delivering sporty styling and approachable performance. For the 2024 model-year, it carries an MSRP of $4,799 USD. 

Benelli TNT 135

2024 Benelli TNT135 - Stoppie

The 2024 Benelli TNT135 is marketed as a fun-loving no-frills bike similar to the Honda Grom.

Last but not least, the Benelli TNT135 stands as Benelli’s most affordable model in the US market. This sporty-styled mini-bike is powered by a responsive 135cc single-cylinder engine pumping out 13 horsepower and 7.4 pound-feet of torque. Benelli markets it as a fun-loving mini-bike, sort of bearing the same ethos as the iconic Honda Grom. The TNT135, however, has an ace up its sleeve, and that’s affordability. Priced at just $3,199 USD, it’s a couple hundred bucks cheaper than the Grom. 

Benelli’s EICMA shenanigans

Benelli BKX300

The Benelli BKX300 is a funky looking ADV that was also showcased at EICMA 2023.

Benelli Tornado Series At EICMA 2023

The Benelli Tornado sportbike range has been announced in the European market. 

2024 Benelli Tornado Naked Twin 500

The  Benelli Tornado Naked Twin 500 was showcased at EICMA 2023.

At EICMA 2023, Benelli revealed some really interesting models such as a range of sportbikes, as well as the BKX300 adventure bike. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though these bikes will be making their way to the US in 2024. Nevertheless, chances are we’ll be seeing them launch in China or Europe this year, and hopefully, they’ll make their way to the US market for the 2025 model-year. 

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