Electric mobility is oftentimes linked to environmental preservation efforts as companies encourage users to shift from using internal-combustion vehicles to zero-emissions mobility solutions. On top of that, we’re seeing manufacturers make use of interesting techniques when it comes to the materials used to produce their products. This is especially true in the e-bike scene, where composites and alloys reign supreme.

Take, for example, the new Miloo Xplorer Beast. This powerful electric mountain bike is designed to deliver maximum performance both on and off road, and is made out of a fancy carbon fiber frame. However, the Swiss company recently collaborated with Nespresso to create a version of the Xplorer that isn’t made of carbon, but rather, recycled Nespresso capsules. Now, there’s no denying that Nespresso capsules aren’t the best thing for the environment, as every single cup of coffee you enjoy automatically necessitates waste in the form of the spent pod.

This Electric Mountain Bike Is Made Out Of Recycled Nespresso Pods

The production version of the Miloo Xplorer Beast is made out of carbon fiber.

The partnership between Nespresso and Miloo represents a small solution to this waste problem, as Nespresso’s pods are made out of aluminum. As part of the collaboration, Nespresso will be providing recycled aluminum to Miloo, who will then use it to construct frames and rims for its e-bikes. Miloo ascertains that other recycled materials are used for other components of the bike as well, such as tires, saddles, and hand grips (all made with some degree of recycled rubber). The bikes’ paint and packaging are also said to incorporate recycled materials.

Anna Bory, co-founder of Miloo bikes, recently told German e-mobility publication E-Bike News that Miloo hopes to develop more environmentally friendly vehicles that can replace cars. “With Miloo we want to challenge those involved in soft mobility to develop even more credible and environmentally friendly vehicles that can replace cars. After the first contribution, the presentation of the autonomous electric bike Xplorer Beast, the next obvious step was the development of a bike that, for example, focuses on the circular economy. Nespresso was clearly our preferred partner to address this challenge.”

This Electric Mountain Bike Is Made Out Of Recycled Nespresso Pods

The Miloo Xplorer Beast made out of recycled Nespresso pods is expected to launch in Spring 2024.

At present, Nespresso operates a large recycling facility, with more than 3,700 collection points in Switzerland. It’s part of the brand’s Recycling at Home program launched back in 2012. In partnership with the Swiss Post, used Nespresso pods are conveniently picked up from users’ homes and delivered to the company’s recycling facility. Through the collaboration with Miloo, as well as its pod recycling initiatives as a whole, Nespresso is clearly trying to give coffee capsules a better image in Switzerland. The company claims that through its 3,700 collection points, it recycles around 72 percent of all used Nespresso pods.

As for the bike itself, it’s a pretty decent bit of kit. It makes use of tried and tested technology from some of the industries most trusted suppliers. For example, it makes use of a powerful motor developed in partnership with Bafang. Miloo claims a power output of 1,000 watts and 160 Nm (118 pound-feet) of torque, and a top speed of 28 miles per hour (though the bike can be capped at 15 miles per hour to comply with European e-bike regulations).

This Electric Mountain Bike Is Made Out Of Recycled Nespresso Pods

The e-bike is powered by a 1,000-watt electric motor co-developed by Bafang.

The motor makes use of a torque sensor to provide a natural-feeling pedal assist. When it comes to the battery, Miloo makes use of LG 21700 cells for maximum energy density and efficiency. Other fancy features include a Kindernay geared hub, as well as an optional carbon belt drive from Gates. You can even fit a dual-battery setup onto the bike for longer rides.

Pricing-wise, the carbon-fiber Miloo Xplorer Beast commands a premium of 10,899 Swiss Francs, or about $12,600 USD. There’s no info just yet about the pricing of the Xplorer Beast made out of recycled Nespresso pods, but a post from Anna Bory on LinkedIn says that it’ll roll into the market in spring 2024.

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