Electric motorcycles have been taking the world by storm, both in the mobility sector and in motorsports. The Moto-E World Championship has demonstrated the capabilities of electric superbikes on the global stage, and meanwhile, in the off-road arena, electric dirtbikes are showcasing their impressive performance, too.

A good example of this comes to us from the folks at Stark Future, with the Stark Varg electric motocross bike mounting a stellar performance in the British Arenacross Championship for the 2023 to 2024 season thus far. The racing action kicked off back in September 2023 in Bolesworth, Chester, and Round 2 was held at Manchester’s AO Arena on January 6, 2024. This marked Stark Future Racing team’s first foray into the racing series. Indeed, it was quite an impressive debut, as the Stark Future Racing Team took its first Arenacross win for 2024 with Jack Brunell piloting the electric dirtbike to victory, and pitting it against some of the strongest ICE machines out there.

The second round of the British Arenacross Championship also saw the debut of Justin Bogle. Despite a rather slow start in the race, Bogle showcased an impressive performance finishing sixth place. Meanwhile, it was a challenging race for Eddie Wade who went on a head-to-head race with Ben Clayton. He ended up finishing in 13th place, but still managed to secure a spot thanks to a last-chance qualifier.

After all was said and done, it was Jack Brunell’s performance that stole the show. According to the Stark Future Racing Team’s official press release, Brunell is in the best form of his career, and he secured his first-ever Arenacross main event victory. Despite facing difficulties in the first heart sprint, Brunell managed to finish in the top 5. Furthermore, he took the win in the Pro Heat stage, and took the win in the Final Pro event.

In Stark Future Racing’s official press release, Jack Brunell expressed his excitement towards his and the team’s success stating, “All I was asked was are you sure you want to ride an electric bike? I have now shown all you guys what it can do. All I wanted to do was win. That is why I get up every morning at 6 am to go training before work. That is why I put in the laps and that is why I took a chance with the Stark Future Racing team and I can't wait to keep pushing because I feel bloody great on the bike.”

Stark Future Bags Its First Win At The British Arenacross Championship

Following a successful debut in the racing scene, it’s clear that Stark Future is on the right track. According to the racing team, its next steps include additional testing and training of the Stark Varg electric motorcycle. All this will be put to the test in the SSE Arena in Belfast for Rounds 3 and 4 slated for January 19 and 20, 2024.

Commenting on the impressive debut of the Stark Future Racing team, Sebastian Tortelli, the company’s Racing Director, explained, “We are very happy. As a whole, the team did a great job. That was the first time we raced in Arenacross in the UK so it was new for us and we had to adapt and make sure we were ready but in the end, it was all perfect. The organization of the Arenacross event was amazing. It was a great show…We are looking forward to the next one in two weeks in Belfast. It’s a two-night event so we will be looking to get more of our guys on the podium!”

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