There’s no question that Zero Motorcycles is one of the pioneers in the electric motorcycle game. The California-based company had been making e-motos long before they were cool, and today, they’re reaping the benefits tenfold. Zero’s bikes have time and again proven their capabilities in today’s demanding and ever-changing mobility landscape, and on the enthusiast side of the spectrum, Zero’s one of the top players.

It’s largely thanks to its continuous innovation that the company continues holding on to the top spot in the e-moto market. In France, for example, it caters to off-road and adventure aficionados with the launch of the DSR/X Black Forest edition, set for release this year. Based on the premium DSR/X adventure-touring model, which recently completed the grueling Maudes Trophy in the UK, the Black Forest edition brings forth a slew of premium add-ons that make it a more capable adventurer.

Zero Motorcycles Rolls Out DSR/X Black Forest Edition In France

Before we take a look at those features, however, let’s first take a look at its tech specs. For starters, it’s based off the standard DSR/X model, and is equipped with Zero’s Z-Force 75-10X motor. It churns out an impressive 100 horsepower all across the rev range, and offers a whopping 229 Nm (170 pound-feet) of torque. This translates to an electoricnally limited top speed of 180 kilometers per hour (112.5 miles per hour).

When it comes to the battery, Zero promises efficient performance and fast charging thanks to a 6.6 kW fast charger that juices up the power cells in under three hours. 172 kilometers, or about 108 miles of range are promised here, with testing conducted on both open highway and city streets. Other features include adjustable Showa suspension, J.Juan brakes, Bosch cornering ABS, and Pirelli Scorpion Trail II rubber.

Jumping right into the exclusive features of the Black Forest edition, we find a shiny black paint scheme that gives the bike a stealthy aesthetic. It rolls on burly wire-spoke wheels with tubeless tires, and even comes with notched enduro-style foot pegs. Motor guards, frame protectors, and a touring windscreen add a touch of safety and protection, while a comfort seat keeps you cushy on long miles both on and off-road. Last but not least, the bike gets a full suite of luggage consisting of a top case and side panniers. Buyers in France will get a free bike cover and gift box to add to the exclusivity.

Zero’s bikes have never been cheap, and the DSR/X Black Forest edition is no exception. It carries an MSRP starting at 26,720 euros, or about $29,264 USD. For reference, in the US, the Zero DSR/X carries a retail price of $19,995 USD. For now, however, the Black Forest edition has yet to be announced in any market outside of France.

Zero Motorcycles Rolls Out DSR/X Black Forest Edition In France
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