There are tons of custom Ducatis out there, but chances are only a few of them can hold a candle to the bike we have here today. It’s based on an old Ducati Monster 600, but hardly anything about that naked bike has been retained save for the engine. It was built by UK-based customizer Jim Alonze, and all it takes is one look to see that this thing’s a one-off custom. Let’s take a closer look at everything that’s gone into this bike.

It’s officially dubbed the Alonze Ducati 600 Special, and was featured in The Bike Shed. Jim Alonze has a very unique aesthetic when it comes to his builds, and you can see his work on his Instagram page. He has a knack for creating striking, elegant builds that make use of an exposed stainless steel trellis frame that give the bikes a slim and slender appearance. Alonze says his builds, particularly the Ducati 600 Special, are inspired by board track racers, and that the 600 Ducati L-twin was the perfect engine for the build owing to its slender proportions.

This One-Off Custom Ducati 600 Special Is Looking For A New Home
This One-Off Custom Ducati 600 Special Is Looking For A New Home

Everything about the Alonze Ducati 600 Special was hand-built the old fashioned way. Alonze says that it all started out with a sketch – no fancy CAD or renderings. Needless to say, the talented craftsman was able to bring his vision on paper into the real world, creating a stunning rolling work of art that he actually rides on occasion. It features a hand-built steel trellis frame with a matching trellis-style swing arm. Up front, the bike is suspended by a trellis girder fork that makes use of a mountain bike shock housed in the middle, right behind the front fairing.


The bike’s bodywork is sleek, elegant, and eye-catching, and was completely designed and fabricated by Alonze. It’s made of a carbon fiber monocoque that was designed specifically to fit perfectly with the steel trellis frame. To keep the bike looking minimalist while retaining some functionality, Alonze fitted a complete set of Moto Gadget electronics complete with a Bluetooth-enabled proximity start. There are even integrated LED turn signals for extra road safety.

Last but not least, let’s look at the engine. The Bike Shed says that the engine’s been fully rebuilt. When new, this engine produced around 53 horsepower, which is a lot for a bike as stripped down and lightweight as this. The custom machine breathes through a full titanium exhaust system that was fabricated by Alonze.

Indeed, the Alonze Ducati 600 Special is unlike any other custom build, and is the epitome of a one-off creation. That being said, discerning collectors now have the chance to acquire this piece of art, as Alonze has listed it for sale. All the details are on The Bike Shed’s official website, and the bike is listed for £40,000, or about $50,748 USD.

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