Few things are as satisfying as a beautifully crafted custom motorcycle. This is made even more special if an awesome time lapse video to document the build has been made along with the bike. This is exactly the case with this custom machine called the Ghost, one of the many masterpieces of For The Bold Industries.

For The Bold Industries is a custom motorcycle shop based in Manchester, England. A quick visit to their Instagram page will reveal that this workshop is the proud creator of a number of impressively stunning builds. Not least of which is the Ducati Ghost, a heavily customized motorcycle that embodies the spirit of a cafe racer, but with thoroughly modern building techniques. Starting life as a 1994 Ducati Monster 600, a bike considered by many as one of the entry-level offerings in Ducati’s early-generation Monster range, the Ghost has given this naked bike a completely new lease on life.


For The Bold Industries posted a wicked time lapse video on its YouTube channel that documents every single aspect of the build. The 20-minute video goes through every single painstaking process involved in building this masterpiece; from molding and carving the shape of the custom tank and tail section with a handsaw, to the creation of the molds for the dry-carbon fiber layout, and even the CAD and 3D printing of various parts and bodywork for the bike.

From a construction perspective, the Ghost takes the very essence of a cafe-racer—a custom-built machine—but throws in a modern twist with cutting-edge materials and contemporary technology. As mentioned earlier, the entire tank, seat, and tail section is made out of carbon fiber. Thanks to this lightweight material, the Ghost flaunts incredibly aggressive, angular lines—shapes that would otherwise be nearly impossible to replicate with sheet metal. The bodywork continues its way down to the sides of the engine, further amplifying the bike’s sporty, custom look.

Apart from carbon fiber bodywork, the Ghost also makes use of several 3D-printed components including the vents on the fairings, as well as several brackets, and even the belly pan. On top of this, the cam belt covers, tail unit, and triple tree are custom CNC-machined components. Finishing touches include a unique exhaust system from Italian specialist QD. The exhaust system, called the Ex-Box, has been designed with tuned acoustic chambers to keep things quiet, efficient, and sounding excellent. Like more modern naked bikes, it features an under-belly configuration for a clean aesthetic.

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