I’m a big fan of small-displacement, performance-oriented motorcycles, not just because they’re affordable, but also because they lower the barriers to entry when it comes to taking up the sport of motorcycling. For example, approachable sportbikes like the Kawasaki Ninja 400 allow novice riders to sharpen their riding skills both on the street and the track.

On the adventure side of the equation, bikes like KTM’s 390 Adventure, not only serve as an excellent first-foray into the ADV scene, but also prove that big adventures don’t necessitate a big bike. The KTM 390 Adventure is based on Team Orange’s tried and tested 390 platform that first hit the scene in 2013 in the Duke naked streetfighter configuration. KTM then slapped on some long-travel suspension, burly tires, and a bigger gas tank, and launched the 390 Adventure for the 2020 model-year.

2024 KTM 390 Adventure - Riding 7

Back when it launched, the 390 Adventure set a new standard in the entry-level ADV market, offering features previously found on more expensive, bigger displacement machinery. Even today, the 390 Adventure is still more technologically advanced than its counterparts in the sub-400cc ADV segment. Nevertheless, KTM is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to improving the tech and performance of its bikes, as the 2025 KTM 390 Adventure is well underway, and is set to bring some pretty big updates to the table.

A revised 399cc engine

Here’s What We Can Expect From The Next-Gen KTM 390 Adventure

At the heart of any motorcycle is undoubtedly its engine, and the upcoming KTM 390 Adventure certainly has quite the heart. Just like the latest 390 Duke, the 2025 390 Adventure will be rocking the updated version of Team Orange’s single-cylinder mill, a 399cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that’s been tuned to pump out 45.3 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 39 Nm (29 pound-feet) of torque at 6,500 rpm.

This brappy single will then be paired to a six-speed gearbox with a quickshifter as standard, as well as an assist-slipper clutch for more forgiving shifts in varying terrain. Other premium features include ride-by-wire that offers multiple ride modes, as well as other electronic doodads we’ll get into more detail with a little later.

A design aligned with KTM’s nex-get bikes

Here’s What We Can Expect From The Next-Gen KTM 390 Adventure
Here’s What We Can Expect From The Next-Gen KTM 390 Adventure

At EICMA 2023, KTM unveiled the new 990 Duke, and not long after, the 1390 Super Duke R. Across the board, KTM seems to be adopting a new LED headlight design, departing from the insectoid split LED headlight, to an even wilder, more alien-looking unit. Even the new 390 Duke has a wilder headlight design, and this styling cue is expected to carry over to the new 390 Adventure, as well. We can see it in the spy shots of the new bike, which has been spotted testing around Europe recently (an article by Cycle World showcased all the spy shots of the upcoming bike, so feel free to check it out).

Apart from the new headlight design, the 2025 KTM 390 Adventure also seems to have a more off-road focused aesthetic, as evidenced by minimalist bodywork inspired by rally racing machines. This is easily seen by the semi-fairing up front, which makes the bike look like it’s ready to tackle the next stage of the Dakar Rally. Additionally, the new bike looks much slimmer than the previous model, with a main trellis frame and compact subframe making up the bike’s underpinnings.

Groundbreaking technology

2023 KTM 390 Adventure - Walk

Across all of KTM’s models, technology has always been its main point of focus. It was the first to offer a full-color TFT display in the entry-level segment back in 2017 with its 390 Duke, and it was also the first to incorporate cornering ABS, a quickshifter, and traction control in the beginner-friendly market also with its 390 series. This time around, the 2025 390 Adventure is expected to raise the bar even further.

Apart from the newly designed headlight, the 390 Adventure is expected to come with two wheel options – alloy and spoked – catering to various riding styles. Furthermore, the bike is expected to get an up and down quickshifter, as well as cornering ABS and traction control. Of course, all of these electronic rider aids can be switched off for complete control over the bike’s performance in off-road scenarios. Suspension hardware will almost certainly consist of premium WP components with a wealth of adjustability.

Pricing and availability

2024 KTM 390 Adventure - Parked 2

While all these features are exciting, and the spy shots seem to suggest that the bike is production-ready, chances are we won’t be seeing this new model in the metal until the tailend of 2024. After all, KTM had recently announced the 2024-model-year 390 Adventure for the US market, and that bike bears a lot of similarities with the outgoing spec. What we do know is that the KTM and Bajaj partnership will continue to be responsible for producing its small-displacement models, and this will more than likely include the next-gen 390 Adventure.

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