Retro. Cute. Purposeful. Maybe even colorful.

Are those some of the words that came to mind when you set eyes upon the Yamaha PG-1 for the first time? (We're not counting the thoughts of the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub that you probably also had, although they're almost certainly there.)

Regardless of your answer, one word that probably didn't occur to you is "mean." Yet that's exactly what K-Speed, led by Tanadit, has done with the bike. 

This is the K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler, and it's so good. The entire bike is a symphony of black, but with a variety of shades and textures that keep the visual impression dynamic. Even the engine, which comes stock with a silver cylinder head, has been completely blacked out.

Pops of silver show up in the form of the wheels, rotors, a little silver side plate with round holes, and the silver mesh that shows up in the round holes of the exhaust cover. The Yamaha logos get a touch of silver as well, but the scarcity makes those little pops of contrast stand out. 

K-Speed Custom Yamaha PG-1 - Exhaust Closeup

There's a wide handlebar, a single bar-end mirror on the left side, tiny turn signals, and front and rear fenders that have been both chopped and raised up. The aforementioned exhaust is now a high-mount unit, adding to the overall scrambler aesthetic. As you can hear in the extremely short video (too short, in our opinion; we would have loved to hear more of it), it also sounds very good.

The tail section has been tidied up, and the saddle is now a solo unit that echoes the knobby tires with its own block pattern contrast stitching. Diamond stitch? Who needs it when you can have block stitch instead? Incidentally, the wheels are now 17-inch units, up from the standard 16-inch ones found on the stock PG-1.

For those unfamiliar, K-Speed is pretty well known for two things: Custom full bike builds, and aftermarket accessories that it makes to fit a variety of bikes. It also sells some of the custom bikes that it makes, and the K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler is currently listed for preorder on its website at a cost of ¥1,280,000 (about $8,638) including shipping.

K-Speed ships internationally. However, please note that the listing includes a bunch of information about the differences between shipping K-Speed bikes (and parts) within Japan and shipping them to other countries around the world. Things like additional fees (such as customs fees), unavailability of certain accessories in other countries depending on local laws, and more. 

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