EICMA 2023 was exciting for both motorcycle and tech enthusiasts alike, as the new models in the expo were filled to the brim with cutting edge technology, blurring the lines between mobility and IoT devices. Meanwhile, on the performance side of things, several new models boasted upgraded performance, further pushing the envelope not just in sheer horsepower numbers, but in refinement and safety, too.

This year’s show generated quite a buzz in the international media, and saw more than half a million people in attendance. In total, 560,000 people graced the Milan motorcycle show from all over the world to witness all the latest innovations of a thriving, technology-driven motorcycle industry. On top of that, there were 2,036 brands present in the expo, marking a new record for the expo.

Of course, a large chunk of these brands are headquartered in Italy, however, a whopping 67 percent of all exhibitors came from other countries, with 45 countries represented in the expo. Out of the 2,036 brands on display, 30 percent were newcomers to the industry, further highlighting the growth potential of the global motorcycle industry.

More Than 560,000 People Flocked To Milan For EICMA 2023

When comparing this year’s EICMA to that of 2022, there was an impressive 19-percent increase in 2023, with 563,848 people in attendance. Furthermore, 39,392 industry professionals, 52 percent of which were international, made their way to Milan to be a part of the excitement. There were also more than 7,000 media personalities from 62 countries providing extensive coverage of the event, so enthusiasts like you from all around the world could get the latest scoop on what EICMA 2023 had to offer.

In the organization’s official press release, Paolo Magri, CEO of EICMA, expressed his excitement towards the massive success that was EICMA 2023. "There is no pre- or post-pandemic, there is EICMA. Reading these results leaves no room for interpretation and confirms how much our appointment is still today the best performing business and relations, and above all, marketing and communication, opportunity for companies in our sector. We continue to demonstrate an international appeal and value unique in the world, growing uninterruptedly and exponentially in all indicators since 2021, when some thought our event was obsolete.”

EICMA 2022 Registers Impressive 38 Percent Increase In Attendees

Meanwhile, Pietra Meda, the President of EICMA S.p.A., stated, “EICMA has not only continued to invest on its evolution from a trade fair to an exhibition event, but it enters its 110th year of history with an open eye to the future and to the innovation of the event itself, attesting to some extent also as a cross-cultural and lifestyle event."

It’s exciting to see that EICMA, despite having more than a century of history behind it, is showing no signs of slowing down. EICMA 2023 was such a big success that the dates for EICMA 2024 have already been announced. Mark your calendars for November 5 to 10, 2024, as the famed expo in Milan will be making a comeback next year.

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