Dainese is among the most respected brands when it comes to motorcycle gear and equipment. Having built its name on the race track, its products protect the world’s top racers in the most elite stages of racing. As a result of this technological innovation, Dainese also offers a comprehensive selection of gear for road, track, and off-road riders.

The latest of Dainese’s offerings caters to track enthusiasts looking to gear up with some of the best, most protective kit the industry has to offer. Paying tribute to two of the most iconic racing circuits in Italy, Mugello and Misano, Dainese presents the Mugello 3 and Misano 3 D-Airracing suits, as well as a women’s edition of the Misano 3. Across the board, the new racing suits offer safety, versatility, and comfort. Let’s dive right into the technology, shall we?

2024 Dainese D-Air Racing Suit

The new Dainese D-Air racing suits are lightweight, breathable, and make use of Dainese’s tried and tested D-Air airbag technology. They also incorporate the pentaxial elastic system to provide superb range of motion and comfort. The Dainese D-Air Racing Shield 3X technology lies at the heart of these new racing suits. The setup makes use of microfilament technology enabling three consecutive activations for enhanced safety.

Even though the D-Air racing suits were designed for track use, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be a good companion for spirited road riding, too. Dainese has incorporated airbag modes, with road and track options for optimized safety in varying conditions. For longer hours on the saddle, the new D-Air suits are 20 percent lighter than their predecessors, while the Pentaxial Elastic System offers five directions of stretch for maximum range of motion when riding. To add to this, Dainese’s Veloce Racing Neck design reduces neck pressure, thereby improving circulation and comfort. Dainese says this has been tested by MotoGP riders.

2024 Dainese D-Air Racing Suit

Apart from the protective features offered by the D-Air airbag system, the new racing suits also incorporate a comprehensive array of protectors. Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulders and hips provide impact absorption and dissipation, while metal plates on key areas serve as sliders in the event of a lowside. The suits also make use of Dainese’s RSS, or Replaceable Slider System, ensuring longevity and ergonomic efficiency. Meanwhile, for comfort, the suits make use of large perforated areas and come with vents for adequate airflow on warm track days. There’s also compatibility with a waterbag kit for extra cooling, as well as a washable inner liner for longevity and hygiene.

Of course, racing suits built to such exacting standards don’t come cheap. The Dainese D-Air racing suits command quite a premium, however, they’re offered in various materials to cater to folks with different budgets. The Misano 3 Perforated D-Air made of full-grain cowhide leather retails for 2,499.95 euros, or about $2,718 USD. Meanwhile, the more premium Mugello 3 Perforated D-Air features kangaroo leather, and will set you back 4,449.95 euros, or around $4,840 USD. Meanwhile, the Misano 3 women’s version retails for 2,499.95 euros, or around $2,718 USD.

2024 Dainese D-Air Racing Suit
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