Motorcycling is undoubtedly some of the most fun you can have in the world. It’s not only fun for us, but can be for our furry friends, too. If you have a dog or cat who loves sticking their head out the window of your car as you’re driving along, imagine the fun they’d have riding a motorcycle. This is exactly what Givi is offering with its new T525 Pet Bag.

Showcased at EICMA 2023, the new Givi T525 Pet Bag occupies a niche space in the world of motorcycle luggage. It’s designed for pet-lovers looking to take their furry friends along with them on rides, and Givi has made sure that it’s as safe and secure as possible, both for our pets and for us as riders.

Like most of Givi’s rear-mounted luggage accessories, the T525 Pet Bag makes use of the brand’s tried and tested Monokey system, ensuring the bag is mounted securely onto compatible racks.

Givi T525 Pet Bag: Share The Fun Of Two Wheels With Your Furry Friends

As for the bag itself, it’s made out of 900D polyester fabric, and has a semi-rigid structure, providing your dog, cat, or any other furry friend with a secure housing to enjoy the scenery of your rides in. There are also TPU inserts for extra durability and rigidity, too. These reinforcements also provide some abrasion resistance in the very unlikely event you’d find yourself in a tip-over.

Givi T525 Pet Bag: Share The Fun Of Two Wheels With Your Furry Friends

For convenience – both for the rider and their pet, the T525 Pet Bag has a clamshell-style zip and a top mesh flap allowing maximum breathability and airflow. The inside is lined with a soft cushion, which is easily removable for cleaning and washing. There are also extra side vents on all four sides, as well as a roll-back top opening. Two external pockets allow you to store your pet’s essentials, while an internal pocket can also be used for other smaller items.

The T525 Pet Bag weighs in at just 2.6 kilograms (5.7 pounds), and offers a generous 33-liter storage capacity. It should be spacious enough for small dogs, but larger pups will have to stay home or hop in the car instead. Givi says that the bag has a maximum load capacity of five kilograms (11 pounds), so yes, it’s really meant for little dogs, cats, and other animals of similar proportions.

Interestingly, you can also use the Pet Bag as a regular bag (for times when your pet isn’t in the mood for a ride). Givi says there’s enough room in there to store two full-face helmets.

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