On October 26, 2023, BMW Motorrad took the wraps off the third member of its M motorbike family, the 2024 M 1000 XR. It’s no longer a prototype—though of course, we had a thrilling first look at the prototype version taking a lap around the Isle of Man TT course in the hands of Peter Hickman earlier in 2023

Unlike some reveals, the M 1000 XR wasn’t a surprise because lately, BMW has been up front about which new models it’s releasing when. Its new flagship model, the completely redesigned 2024 R 1300 GS, is a great example of this. BMW told the world when to expect the newest GS all the way back in June 2023—and it arrived right on time on September 28, 2023. 

So, we knew when to expect the production M 1000 XR—but of course, now it’s time to learn all about the specs. Let’s dive in. 

Gallery: 2024 BMW M 1000 XR

The Engine 

The heart of the 2024 BMW M 1000 XR is a tuned version of the ShiftCam inline four cylinder from the S 1000 RR. Claimed figures from BMW are 201 horsepower at 12,750 rpm, which is a full 31 hp more than what you’ll find in the 2024 S 1000 XR. Peak torque is 113 newton meters, or 83.3 pound-feet of torque at 11,000 rpm. Bore and stroke are 80mm by 49.7mm, and the compression ratio is 13.3 to one.  

BMW also switched to a 47-tooth rear sprocket (previously a 45-tooth one) and shortened the fourth, fifth, and sixth gear ratios. It also tweaked the air intake system, using variable intake funnels to improve airflow at higher engine speeds. 

Claimed top speed is 170 miles per hour, and it takes 7.2 seconds to go from zero to 124 mph on the new M 1000 XR.  


2024 BMW M 1000 XR - Studio - Front Brake Caliper Closeup

The M 1000 XR uses an aluminum bridge-type frame with the engine as a stressed member. Suspension consists of a 45mm upside-down telescopic front fork, as well as an aluminum swingarm and monoshock. The entire suspension is electronically semi-adjustable and comes from the factory with BMW’s Dynamic ESA. Suspension travel at both ends is 5.4 inches. 

Brakes consist of a pair of four-piston BMW M Sport calipers up front with two 320mm brake discs. You’ll find a single two-piston floating caliper in the rear with a 265mm disc. Switchable ABS is standard. 

The M 1000 XR comes with a pair of 17-inch forged aluminum wheels from the factory. Riders can also choose to purchase M Carbon wheels as an option, either by themselves or as part of the optional M Competition package. 


Wheelbase is 60.9 inches. Steering head angle is 64.9 degrees, and castor is 4.62 inches. Length is 85.4 inches, width is 33.5 inches without accessories, and height is 54.4 inches. Curb weight of the M 1000 XR is listed at 492 pounds. 

Seat height is 33.4 inches with the standard saddle, but BMW does offer both M Sport Low and M Sport High seat options for the M 1000 XR. The M Sport Low seat lowers the seat height to 32.3 inches, while the M Sport High seat raises it up to 34.3 inches. 

Additional Features

2024 BMW M 1000 XR - Riding 5

Other standard equipment on the M 1000 XR includes dynamic damping control, an M battery, M titanium silencer, sport windscreen, adjustable steering damper, M brake and clutch levers, M seat, keyless ride, heated grips, cruise control, USB charging port, Headlight Pro with adaptive headlight, M winglets, and BMW’s Ultimate Care break-in service with purchase. 


2024 BMW M 1000 XR - Studio - Cockpit View

The M 1000 XR comes with a 6.5-inch TFT dash, which also has an OBD interface to which you can hook up the accessory M GPS datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger. You'll need an unlock code to use them, but it’s nice to know that you have the option. 

This bike comes with ride modes, of course: Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race, and Race Pro One through Three. It also comes with a raft of electronic rider aids, including a pit lane speed limiter, launch control, dynamic traction control, wheelie control, slide control, dynamic brake control, shift assistant pro, and automatic hill start control pro.  

Tire pressure monitoring, which BMW refers to as RDC, is also a standard feature on the M 1000 XR. (If you’re curious about what extremely long compound German word RDC is short for, it’s “reifendruckkontrolle,” also sometimes written as “reifendruck control,” in a bit of a mix of German and English. Hence, RDC.) 

The 2024 BMW M 1000 XR also comes with a feature that the Motorrad calls Brake Slide Assist, which “allows the rider to brake drift into corners with a constant slide.” (I think “Drift Assist” has a better ring to it, personally.) 

Price and Availability 

BMW Motorrad sells its bikes in multiple markets around the world, so pricing and availability vary by region. In the US, the 2024 BMW M 1000 XR starts at an MSRP of $29,995. BMW Motorrad USA says it is “available soon” as of October 26, 2023, but gives no indication about how soon it will be. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as there’s more information to report. 

If you live in a region outside the US, your best bet for the most accurate information regarding pricing and availability in your area is to reach out to your local authorized BMW Motorrad dealer with any questions you may have. 

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