For most urban riders, a backpack is the go-to when it comes to daily rides with your daily essentials in tow. However, backpacks may not be to your liking as they can be bulky, impede your range of motion, and be a hassle to carry around when you’re off your bike. In such cases, a tail bag could be your best bet, especially if the things you carry on the daily are small and compact.

That being said, Wunderlich has a new sporty tail bag which will come in handy especially if your bike of choice is a BMW machine. Of course, this isn’t to say that this product isn’t compatible with other makes and models, it’s just that Wunderlich has become associated with BMW (their tagline is literally “Complete your BMW”).

Wunderlich Sport Tail Bag

Wunderlich’s new saddle bag is simply called the Sport, and as its name suggests, it’s designed to improve the practicality of sporty models such as the BMW S 1000 R, F 900 R, or perhaps even the S 1000 RR. Wunderlich claims that the Sport has been designed to offer additional capacity without breaking the contoured lines of a sportbike. With that being said, a hump sticking out the tail of any sportbike is hard not to notice. Nevertheless, it’s a compromise that must be made in exchange for some extra practicality.

The Wunderlich Sport boasts compact dimensions measuring 29 centimeters (11.4 inches) long by 17 centimeters (6.6 inches) wide, and 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) tall. As such, don’t expect to fit a laptop or a full set of clothes in here. Instead, it should provide enough room for the likes of a tablet, a camera, your phone and wallet, and perhaps your rain gear. In total, it offers six liters of storage capacity.

The outer section of the bag is made out of Cordura TrueLock fabric which boasts abrasion resistance and water-repellent properties. Should the weather take a turn for the worse, the bag also has a waterproof zipper all around, ensuring that you have enough time to make it to shelter before your belongings get wet. On the inside, the bag has a blue inner lining, as well as an elastic system on the top for quick storage of items like gloves and balaclavas. The bag attaches to the rear seat of any motorcycle with adjustable straps, and there’s also a convenient handle for easy carry when off the bike.

Wunderlich Sport Tail Bag

When it comes to pricing and availability, all of Wunderlich’s products carry a premium price tag, and the Sport is no exception. It retails for 159.90 euros, or about $170 USD, and is offered in just one all-black colorway.

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