MV Agusta has a naming convention that it broke with the Lucky Explorer. We were expecting to see a totally different Italian stallion with a totally different name to solidify its uniqueness in the lineup. However, a new report from states that the Lucky Explorer will become the “Enduro Veloce.” 

As seen in Australian certification filings, MV Agusta will drop the Lucky Explorer name in favor of the more conventional “Enduro Veloce.” I say conventional since the brand’s 800cc sport-tourer goes by Turismo Veloce, which is a name more indicative of its purpose. 'Lucky Explorer' and 'LXP' will no longer be the branding for MV’s new adventure bike. Instead, those ideas will rest in the annals of history as fun concepts that once held the industry’s attention. 

Apart from the rename, a few photos were also discovered in the filings which painted the bike red and silver, much like the Superveloce, and much like MV’s other iconic motorbikes. It’s safe to say that MV Agusta will be launching its first adventure bike in a very MV Agusta colorway; red and silver with bronze accents. 

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce

So why did MV Agusta drop the LXP name? One reason is that Lucky Explorer was actually meant to be a sub-brand. As such, the models were to be marketed under the sub-brand and not the main MV Agusta name. With the Enduro Veloce nameplate, the LXP can officially be called an MV Agusta, particularly the 9.5 version which gets an MV Agusta triple cylinder at its core.

As to how it will fit into the lineup, it will most likely be the best off-road MV Agusta that money can buy when it comes out. That's not a difficult prediction to make, since so far, the Italian brand has mainly been fielding roadsters and sportbikes. With the new Enduro Veloce, however, it’s clear what the purpose of the model is just by name alone. 

So what does this mean for MV Agusta? The 9.5 model will push through according to Timur Sardarov in an interview. The first batch of Enduro Veloces will run 500 units. The first few will be first editions which may come with added bits and pieces for early adopters—still unconfirmed. 

What we can also expect is the fact that MV Agusta will have something special to show us at EICMA 2023 this year, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the Enduro Veloce in the 2024 lineup. 

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