In just a few weeks, temperatures are expected to plummet in many parts of the northern hemisphere. If some riders take this as a sign to put their bikes into storage, others don’t go gentle into that so-called good night. Indeed, all-weather riders rage against the dying of the light, and continue to hit the road on two wheels even in the thick of winter – provided that it’s still safe to do so.

Luckily, modern technology affords us the luxury of riding gear that’s both protective and capable of keeping us warm and dry in even the coldest of weather. Dainese, for example, has already begun rolling out its collection of fall and winter gear, with its newest parka called the Duomo Absoluteshell Pro. Style-wise, it doesn’t immediately give itself away as a motorcycle jacket, so it could very well be worn both on and off the bike. Nevertheless, on the inside, it’s packed with safety tech that meets stringent industry standards.

Gear Up For Rainy Days With Dainese’s New Duomo Absoluteshell Pro Parka

For starters, the jacket is constructed with an abrasion-resistant synthetic fabric all the way from its fixed hood to the tailcoat bottom. It receives Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulder and elbows which are EN1621-1-certified, and even has a pocket for a standard back protector. As such, it garners Class A PPE certification in accordance with the EN17092-4:2020 standard.

Of course, apart from keeping you safe, the jacket is meant to protect you from the vagaries of the weather. It makes use of Dainese’s tried and tested Absoluteshell Pro technology, featuring a laminated membrane with fast-drying capabilities, while also being impermeable by water. On the inside, the Duomo also comes with a removable thermal lining which can be used independently from the jacket.

Dainese integrated adjustment points at the collar and cuffs, as well as a drawstring at the waist for a secure fit. The Duomo also has five pockets up front, two of which are waterproof, as well as a pocket on the arm, another pocket inside, and one pocket in the thermal lining. The Duomo Absoluteshell Pro parka is offered in two colors – Black and Khaki – and is sized from 44 to 62. Price is pegged at $559.95 USD, according to Dainese’s official website.

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