Now more than ever, motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of protection, while making their products more comfortable in the process. For example, airbag technology has descended from the race track, and is now pretty much readily available for street riders to use. 

Speaking of airbag technology, Alpinestars' Tech-Air system is one of the best in the business, and has recently been featured in a collaboration with yet another major gear and equipment brand, the Dutch company REV'IT!. Dubbed the Avertum Tech-Air, the collaborative effort has resulted in one of the most sleek and compact airbag systems currently on offer. Designed to be worn underneath your standard motorcycle jacket, the Avertum Tech-Air is worn like a shirt, and can be used for all disciplines of motorcycling.

REV'IT! And Alpinestars Join Forces On New Avertum Tech-Air Airbag System

According to REV'IT!, rider safety gear should "always be supportive, never intrusive." As such, REV'IT! has paid close attention to detail ensuring that riders get maximum protection from the Avertum Tech Air, allowing for free range of motion, breathability, and comfort, without compromising the effectiveness of Alpinestars' class-leading airbag system. 

Guido Kreijkamp, Product Development Director at REV'IT!, explained in the company's official statement,  “While we approach our respective rider communities very differently, REV’IT! and Alpinestars have a lot in common. We both work toward contributing to rider safety and with the Avertum Tech-Air airbag vest, we’re able to provide our riders with the freedom to ride – on all types of motorcycles in a vast variety of situations, both on and off road.”

REV'IT! And Alpinestars Join Forces On New Avertum Tech-Air Airbag System

REV'IT! ascertains that the Avertum Tech-Air is the culmination of over two decades of airbag technology research. A lot of testing has been done on the product in some of motorcycling's most extreme arenas, such as the MotoGP, where data is gathered and analyzed in every single track outing. The end result is an airbag vest that's completely versatile and applicable no matter what your riding gear is. According to REV'IT!, the Avertum Tech-Air is proof that function and form need not be mutually exclusive. 

Regarding availability, the new Avertum Tech-Air airbag system is expected to be available online and from official REV'IT! dealers in time for the fall and winter season. The company has yet to provide pricing details, so feel free to get in touch with your local gear retailer for more information. 

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